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Marketing and Communications Specialist
Marketing and Communications Specialist

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Judge Not
  Judge not, that ye be not
judged. For with what judgment ye
judge, ye shall be judged: and with
what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you
again. And why beholdest thou the
mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam
that is in ...

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Ode to the Quintessential
rationale on airplane parts articulated so very well; From Kendall
the Coconut Grove ATM had such appeal; Commercial
Bank Teller is counting cash from a drug cartel; Lobby
rat and a cosmic wheel. Busted
by a lady cop at the Cricket Club; At the

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Sibling Reflection after a Wedding
The Morgan-Cooper Wedding in Oklahoma City, OK on March 11, 2017 - notes Wow. So
much fun being a part of the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cooper. Tara was
stunning as the bride. (Beautiful naturally...but also going the distance from
smiles at the Petr...

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Wishing all the best to the Coopers... on Day One of Happily Ever After

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Tara and Adam Cooper
and Tara are tying the knot; Standing
still we will watch and celebrate. Sooners
together forming a bond on the spot; Circumstances
perfect - The moment great. A
March day may never be forgotten, Forces
of nature - a wonderful fate. Friends
and lovers ...

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Vintage 2016
Year of Lawton and James Our babies brought us babies this year. Robert Lawton Dewey and James Benjamin Morgan are
here. Lawton is a Robert in his family tree; But he’ll always be lovely Lawton to me. A boy born on the fifth of July; With Independence D...

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HBE Spring Break #3
36 – part 5 of 5 (Florida Spring Break
’08) Belly
Dancing at the Bed and Breakfast outside Sioux City, Iowa  The truth is stranger than fiction. In the van,
coming back from dinner one night, Koester, George, Frank and I tried not to
listen in on Br...

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HBE Spring Break #2
36 – part 3 of 5 Back at the frat house.(Florida
Spring Break ’08) Bob Koester and his wife Laura were good enough to
purchase a vacation home in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. The pad is newly
furnished and ready for the expatriates to crash betwe...

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HBE Spring Break
36 part 1 of 5 Florida Spring Break 2008 HBE expatriates gone wild.  Jack Kennedy (host),   Wayne
Zimmerman, Mary Ann Kennedy,  George Ryll,  Frank Cipolla, Mitch Miller, Wes Morgan, Charlie Lee, Brad Heinze, Bob Koester,  Provisions A ten-year trad...

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Remembering Ed
Ed Regelean was among the first people I met
socially at HBE in 1998. Rick Schaefer had an extra ticket to a hockey game and
he invited me (the new guy) to go to the Blues game. Ed met us downtown. I remember
how Ed graciously credited HBE and its founder F...
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