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Joe Pikop
Delightful dude. Fact.
Delightful dude. Fact.

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I created a page as an alternative to the DOTA 2 technical requirements that has a bunch more useful information for when you are trying to create custom DOTA 2 assets. The page also includes an updated version of the DOTA 2 shader for substance painter that closer replicates in game lighting conditions and values as well as holds new presets. If you are making DOTA stuff, or know someone who does, share this with them, won't you?

Post has attachment Polishing up the high poly for the other parts tonight! Kick it if'n ya want! 

Post has attachment Streaming playing some Gigantic! Come hang out!

Post has attachment doing some art stramming tonight. Working on a monster Vinod did as a sketch of the week a long time ago!

Come hang out~!  <-- making a monster man tonight. Maybe? Zbrush! Come heckle me bro and bro-ettes.

Post has attachment doing some couch coop with Stokes. Not sure what yet, but you know.

Post has attachment <---streaming Gigantic with +Devon Cady-Lee on twitch!

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Here's the announce trailer for our game!

Hey guys! The gave we've been working on is finally out of the bag. Check it out!
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