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When we say goodbye, you'll remember me as the nicest person you know.
When we say goodbye, you'll remember me as the nicest person you know.

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Doodle was not happy. 

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Help Me Understand why Drew Brees isn't in the MVP conversation when he's better than other MVP runners in almost every possible category except for team wins, which is a team effort and shouldn't weigh too heavily since MVP is an individual reward. I'm not saying he should win but he's clearly more skilled than some of these guys and he isn't even being talked about.

I pick on Dak Prescott a lot here. I like the guy and while I definitely look at him for Rookie of the Year, that he's talked about more than Brees, given his numbers, is insane to me. For him to put up those numbers and his team to be 11-1 tells me that it's not just the QB who's responsible for the wins. If it were, NO would be near perfect too, at which point we have to talk aboue Elliot in the race as well as he clearly contributes.

*Note: The ranked numbers indicate league placement among all qualified QBs overall. The few at the bottom I don't rank are just to indicate where these QBs stand in relation to the other primary players in the MVP conversation.

[Pass Yards/Game]
1. Drew Brees (326.09)
2. Kirk Cousins (321.82)
3. Matt Ryan (319.64)
4. Tom Brady (314.43)
19. Dak Prescott (247.83)

[Pass Completions/Game]
1. Drew Brees (29.64) (71.49%)
2. Kirk Cousins (27.18) (68.42%)
3. Aaron Rodgers (26.27) (64.37%)
4. Joe Flacco (25.91) (63.33%)
25. Dak Prescott (20.25) (67.88%)

[Completion Percentage]
1. Drew Brees (71.49%)
2. Sam Bradford (71.25%)
3. Matt Ryan (68.95%)
4. Kirk Cousins (68.42%)
13. Dak Prescott (67.88%)

[Pass TDs/Game]
1. Drew Brees (2.73)
2. Tom Brady (2.57)
3. Aaron Rogers (2.45)
4. Matt Ryan (2.36)
15. Dak Prescott (1.58)

[Pass Yards - Through 11 Games]
Drew Brees (3,587)
Kirk Cousins (3,540)
Matt Ryan (3,516)
Derek Carr (3,115)
Dak Prescott (2,974)

[Completions for First Down]
Drew Brees (187)
Kirk Cousins (166)
Matt Ryan (163)
Aaron Rogers (159)
Dak Prescott (147)

Tom Brady (1)
Dak Prescott (2)
Sam Bradford (3)
Derek Carr (5)
Drew Brees (8)

[Passer Rating]
Tom Brady (116.7)
Matt Ryan (114.3)
Drew Brees (109.1)
Dak Prescott (108.6)

Please, no "arguments", name calling or bullying. Looking for a civil discussion among football fans.

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He's watching you... 

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My collection is growing

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He was trying to sleep but I needed one more pic. He was not amused.
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