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I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! I've been busy renovating a master bathroom, shuttling my son to karate, camp, and running some Star Wars: EotE for him.

The Stormlord website is back up. All products are now available as PDF only, with lower pricing than before.

I know some people were looking for the Player's Guide to Kalmatta and some other things not on

Stay tuned...

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The Well of Souls is no longer able to be sold, at least under its current name.

Some guy registered that as a trademark for his board game.

If you got a copy, don't lose it!


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Sample overlay for the video version of the podcast, which would appear on YouTube.

For the players, we can put any artwork that +Todd McGowan can provide. I'll run my video feed, dice rolling, maps, etc. in my box.

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Yes, characters in Precipice CAN have armor.

Not as many choices as a standard D&D game, but there are light, medium, and heavy. Prices are reduced due to limited choices.

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Work on the Random Tables for generating emergent play is going well.

I have complete new tables for the following:

Random Features - Geological and Unusual
Random Encounters - The Ranch, 1st Level Characters
Random Treasure - 1st - 3rd Level Characters

In all cases, players roll 1d8+1d12, which gives a curve to the results.

1. Characters enter a hex of the players' choosing.
2. Roll for Features (once for Geological, once for Unusual).
3. Roll 1d20 for Event. 1-10 = nothing. 11-16 = combat, 17-19 social, 20 = story
4. Roll for Encounter
6. Roll for Treasure
7. Players choose a new hex to enter. Roll Wisdom (Survival) to see if they can find a passage in that direction.

That's the process at the moment. The group can move a number of hexes per day equal to the average CON score of the group. That's the same as last time.

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Here's a link to the Firearms rules for 5e that I wrote with your input.

Prices and damage are comparable to crossbows. Biggest addition is the shotgun, giving Advantage to damaged rolls if both barrels are fired simultaneously.

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+John Potts, +Anne Hunter, +Todd McGowan, John Smith...

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this magical time (the most magical?) time of the year.

When 2018 hits, would any of you be interested in participating in an 'actual play' podcast, with the goal of sharing it on Patreon?

Along with access to the audio, I'd also have tiers that give access to the maps, and adventure material that I'd use in the session. I'd probably provide this as a 4 page PDF zine style.

Essentially, we'd be play-testing the campaign setting of Precipice: Town on the Edge of Damnation.

I've listened to dozens of AP podcasts over the years, and even hosted a Gamma World 4e podcast. I can say that our sessions are by far more interesting and funnier than 90% of what I've downloaded.

You all currently have ongoing games, so I don't want to intrude on them, but perhaps we could do this once a month? That gives you all 3 other weekends a month to continue your current games.


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Thoughts over the weekend on the Precipice setting project...

Doors in the levels beneath the town of Precipice are special. If your party encounters a door, it's an event. They are not simply wood doors that might be locked or trapped, but they have significance. They may even have personalities.

Since part of the goal of the setting is to get to the bottom, I feel this makes the journey more interesting.

I have 2 possible routes to take with doors.

First, I can create random tables to help GM's generate doors on the fly (size, material, trapped, guarded, cyphered, alignment or personality, desires, voice, etc.)

Or, I simply create a list of doors that could be encountered randomly throughout the levels. You roll on the Encounter table, and if DOOR is rolled, you roll on Table: Doors to see what's in front of you. Or above you. Or, strangely, in the middle of the room.

In a way, I see these doors like NPC's. They can be bashed or picked like more common doors, but may also be open to parlay.


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Shipping these up to NY on Monday for fulfillment.

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I'm going to further develop the ideas explored in Black Powder, Black Magic Vol.4 and Brimstone, but I'll be using a different rules-system, and the concept for adventuring in those mines will be different.

I really enjoyed building the vertical dungeon/hexcrawl in Vol.4, and I'm going to further develop that into 7 levels beneath the town of Precipice.

I ask anybody reading this to vote on which concept they prefer. Here is some introductory text for each one...

1. I should have reached Fort Mifflin 3 days ago, but no matter which trail I take, and no matter my diligence in reading the sun or the stars, I inevitably find myself wandering back into the town of Precipice. It’s not on my map, and the townsfolk just chuckle or shrug their shoulders when I ask for directions to anywhere but here.

That’s because there is nowhere else but here. I’m trapped. We’re all trapped.

According to Ophelia at The Gallows saloon, this place was crafted by a sorcerous outlaw to capture a posse comprised of vengeful brothers. Unfortunately, this arcane bear-trap is indiscriminate, and for years, I’m told, people fall into its unrelenting jaws.

But, rumors float through town that there is a way out, that the posse delved deep beneath Precipice through ancient mines and caverns, and found a back-door to home. Others dismiss this as wishful thinking, and claim the posse is long dead.

It’s those folk who’ve decided to make the most of this strange land, and go about business as usual. Fortunately, there are others like me who are willing to brave the depths in search of a way out. My six-gun is loaded, and tomorrow we descend.

2. You awake in darkness. Confined. The smell of damp earth and fresh pine surrounds you. You can’t draw from memory the reason for your predicament, but scraping sounds from above demand your attention. Your heart races. The scraping becomes creaking, and as boards are peeled away, and man with a shovel stands over your, starlight beyond.

“Welcome back,” he says, reaching down to pull you from a shallow grave.

Once free of the crude coffin, you look about and see a grassy field, with wooden grave markers scattered about with no thought to their placement.

“Where am I,” you ask, as glimpses of your final moments eek into your mind.

“Neither here nor there,” states the grave-tender as spikes his shovel into the soft earth. He then points to a town beneath the hill. “There lies Precipice. You might also know it as Purgatory.”

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