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Cross Country or Track?
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Gotta be CC.  Anything can happen when the terrain is unpredictable
That's difficult. Both are two extremely different challenges. However, if forced to choose I would say XC. The terrain and the little details that can make a course different every time you race, is simply amazing.
hmm i don't know yet I've tried cross country for the first time and it was terrible I hate going up really steep hills and curving very deep trails. Fell and got mud all over me..and at the same time i kind of liked fastest time is a 35 :( i know that's problem is keeping momentum i slow down by the 2nd mile and my third is just a fail....trying track and hoping that maybe it would be more of my thing
track will probably be easier for you because it's all flat and the distances are shorter but it might also be kind of boring since you're just running around in circles the whole time :(
I sure do hope so, it'll suck to find out that it's just not my thing...and i'm guessing you enjoy xc more
Tony H
both. I'm a member of Ann Arbor Track Club and do Tuesday track workouts with them, then longer slow runs on other days through the week. And lift a few days too. I like the variety. :-) 
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