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If you are learning a foreign language and want to practice with a native speaker, Language Exchange Community is the place for you. You can find a language exchange partner on this website and then arrange to do a video chat or meet them in person.

Language Exchange Community is free to join and use.

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Facebook Language Exchange… check it out!

Do you accept credit cards? 你哋收唔收信用卡嘎? #english #cantonese More info:

OK, I'll take it. 好, 我要呢間. #english #cantonese More info:

left 左 jó #english #cantonese More info:

When does the train/bus for ___ leave? 去_____[班火車/架巴士]幾點走嘎? #english #cantonese More info:

January 一月 yāt'yuht, February 二月 yih'yuht #english #cantonese More info:

half 半 bun #english #cantonese More info:

I can't speak Cantonese. 我唔識講廣東話. #english #cantonese More info:
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