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John Bishop
Always independent, never disengaged.
Always independent, never disengaged.


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The Crush + The Hand
  THE CRUSH (R, Warner Bros. Pictures, 89 mins., theatrical release date: April 2, 1993) There's an old maxim about horror movies and thrillers where one's enjoyment is directly proportional to the grandiosity of the villain. How many of the most beloved ha...

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American Nightmare + Visiting Hours
AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (R. Pan-Canadian Film Distributors, 88 mins., Canadian release date: Mar. 8, 1983) VISITING HOURS (R, 20th Century Fox, 105 mins., U.S. theatrical release date: May 28, 1982) I think it's aboot time I tackled some early 1980s Canuxploitat...

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Fight for Your Life + Cannibal Apocalypse
FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE (R, William Mishkin Motion Pictures, 86 mins., limited release date: Nov. 1977) Looking back at the Video Nasties outrage via the two Severin Films DVD packages I belatedly reviewed, I find it to my eternal amusement just how seriously t...

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Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide
VIDEO NASTIES: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE (Unrated, Severin Films, approx. 14 hrs., DVD release date: June 3, 2014) On May 9, 1984, BBC2 aired the ninth episode of The Young Ones , which was such a runaway alternative comic success that it was picked up by MTV in...

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EVILSPEAK (Unrated, The Moreno Company, 97 mins., theatrical release date: February 26, 1982) Satan worship and the underdog story, two great tastes that go together... Wait, that was how I started out my last review, which was of Warlock , a movie good eno...

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Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Part 2
VIDEO NASTIES: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE PART 2 (Unrated, Severin Films, 687 mins., DVD release date: Feb. 10, 2015) As fascinating as I have long since found the "Video Nasties" scare from the dawn of video, it feels like a strictly British phenomena. I haven't...

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Much Ado About Nothing (1993)
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (PG-13, The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 111 mins., theatrical release date: July 2, 1993) "Sigh no more, ladies/Sigh no more/Men were deceivers ever," intones Lady Beatrice (Emma Thompson) as the most empathetic bachelorette in literary h...

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Million Dollar Mystery
MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY (PG, DEG, 95 mins., theatrical release date: June 12, 1987) How do you go from distributing seminal films by David Lynch, Michael Mann and Kathryn Bigelow to declaring bankruptcy by promoting trash bags and the reconstructed London Br...

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DEATHTRAP (PG, Warner Bros., 116 mins., theatrical release date: March 19, 1982) Sidney Lumet's Deathtrap , based on the long-running Ira Levin twister which premiered on stage in 1978, plays to win and then plays all over again, becoming more playful with ...

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Cult of Chucky + Spy Hard + The Money Pit
CULT OF CHUCKY (R, Universal 1440, 91 mins., video release date: October 3, 2017) The Chucky saga isn't as overbearing as Freddy or Jason, but ever since Karen Barclay bought the possessed play pal for her son Andy in 1988‘s Child's Play , the trajectory pr...
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