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Rick Blaine
Ricks937 - He's just this guy, ya know?
Ricks937 - He's just this guy, ya know?

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Thanks dude, worked like a charm

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Anyone familiar with a low cost mobile internet solution along the lines of the boost mobile/iden deal, or the tmobile/G1 free access to wikipedia deal?

Looking for mobile internet on the cheap without a contract

#bootloop   #twrp   #nexus7   

So I just tried to install twrp on my nexus 7 2013 to put cleanrom on it. Easey, or so the internet leads me to believe, go into ADB and with poking around and googling I get it unlocked and installed, reboot is the next step, what do you know. infinite bootloops with the teamwin logo. Fun... more googling. what I see is a whole bunch of nonsense about logging in with adb shell and doing a dd command, that's great, if I could get access to it... it's in a bootloop with all options unusable and adb is not able to see the device.

What I did was "fastboot devices" was able to see it and (BEWARE OF DATALOSS) "fastboot -w" nukes all the personal info and gives you a factory fresh state (BEWARE OF DATALOSS!!!) atthat point I can log into twrp and go about my way. Lots of googling and BS to find this... here's hoping someone is googling this very problem, runs across this post, and saves some time. Good luck!

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new lego cmfs!
LEGO Minifigures Series 13

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Yay! New little boots album in Dec! Taste It - Little Boots (beware of mildly creepy music video)

Reporting bugs/bad designs in googles #hangout shouldn't be this hard.

Talk about half baked.

My big problems at the moment are, it's suppose to replace voice, yet is missing a ton of features from voice that make it usable. 

If someone starts texting you, there isn't an easy way to add them as a contact from chrome/hangout.

If someone just called you on google voice, there isn't a way to view the history and text them back

If you have a contact, you can select which form of contact to communicate with them (sms/chat/etc)

I'm thinking I'll need to opt back into voice until I have to...

I have an odd problem, I got a new thumbdrive for booting ISOs. I copied over all the files (which were, and still are) working on the original usb drive to the new stick and grub4dos is not working.

(so the setup is: grub2usb starts, you can pick a half dozen ubuntu's or whatever you please, then grub4dos that is suppose to load another grub, which can boot floppy images or certain other iso files.

The problem is grub4dos won't load... that is to say, it will load, but none of the configuration file will, so it's useless. I just get the default setting from config.sys something about find /boot/menu.lst, /grub/menu.lst /boot/menu.lst but the grub4dos folder is in /boot/grub4dos/

any suggestions?

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