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A Tyranny of Demons (The End of Starbreaker)
A razor's edge separates justice and revenge.
A razor's edge separates justice and revenge.

A Tyranny of Demons (The End of Starbreaker)'s posts

A Tyranny of Demons is the end of +Starbreaker, and is currently in preparation. Want to know more? See below.

Morgan Stormrider and his friends have earned the devas' trust and proved that Morgan is not guilty of Christabel's murder, and search for a way to neutralize Sabaoth without using the Starbreaker, whose power Morgan fears to unleash. Their time soon runs out when the demon beneath the ice shatters its bonds and issues an ultimatum to the human race: prove their loyalty with the genocide of the devas, or see their civilization shattered around them.

However, killing Sabaoth and living to see the Starbreaker bound again will prove trivial compared to the dilemma Morgan Stormrider faces afterward: can he expose the crimes of Imaginos and the Disciples of the Watch without destroying the Phoenix Society and plunging the entire world into chaos? Is the tyranny of demons the best hope for civilization, or have people finally learned to live in peace with one another and respect each other's rights and differences?
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