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Gotta try this.
We've got an Ingress invite to giveaway, and we want to give it to YOU! And here's how you can win that precious invite.

Leave a comment on this post. It can be anything you want, nothing specific. Then share the post with your circles and the entire G+ community. We just ask that you let everyone know they must share this(the original) post and comment only on the original post. Unfortunately we can't go hunting down those who commented on shared posts.

You have 3 hours from right now! At approximately 4:30pm EST we'll pick one random winner and give them the invite code.

As always, make sure you check our site for other contests that we're running as well as any future contests. We're always giving away free stuff!

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While I know it's probably bad to talk about a competitor's product (sorry Google), I just had to shout "Kudos to Yahoo!'s new webdev team!!"  This new layout is SOOOOOOOOOOOO (a crapload more "O"s) much cleaner than it used to be.  I can actually see things a lot more clearer now.  Now......if they can just revamp their e-mail system next.
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