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Kate Simmons
I really love cats. I want to hug them all! But I can't hug every cat.
I really love cats. I want to hug them all! But I can't hug every cat.

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Follow up is fun. 

A gif of a guy with a cat on his head and a popped balloon boob finally convinced me. When you laugh so hard you can't breathe, that's worth ten bucks.

Protip: if 95% of what you post is "Obama sux" and "liberals suck", you're too boring for me to follow. Nothing wrong with expressing differing points of view, but seriously, sing a new song.

Someone on Twitter brought up a good point. How is it that the peaceful protesters have to disperse or be arrested, but protesting a soldier's funeral is covered under constitutional rights?

Also, if the government can control how much of the Occupy movement media can cover, how come they can't get the paparazzi to stop stalking celebrities for pictures of their newborn children? Are tabloid "reporters" the true media now?

I admit confusion on this Occupy LA eviction, with the "designated media area" and whatnot... when did journalism become "designated" by the government? I mean, it's been a long time since I studied civics in school, and even longer since the history classes that covered the Watergate scandal, but I seem to remember they have the right (and responsibility) to report the news.

Dave is forcing me to watch a Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who. This will be the most frightening thing I've done this week.

Dear Google+:

I am back, but only half-heartedly. The fact is, there are a lot of assholes that have somehow managed to work their way into my stream, and I got tired of pretending like I gave a rat's ass what they had to say. I'm going to give this another try, but this time I'm going to get rid of the assholes as they crop up instead of letting them chase me away from the people I actually want to hear from.

Tonight was the last night for my volunteering. Kinda bummed, but there's always next year. Also, seeing all the babies you hand-fed grown up and ready for release into the wild is awesome. :D

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