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Operation J12 <3 J13 – a Trans-Pennine Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a clandestine tryst between a repetitive in-joke and a bloody stupid idea; the people were protected from evil Shaper influence, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Not uniquely, West Yorkshire finds itself split between multiple scoring regions – NR02-JULIET-12, NR02-JULIET-13; (Yorkshire itself creeps into JULIET-14, JULIET-15 & HOTEL-11). Whilst it’s reasonably simple to get a decent set of fields out of our part of J-12, the same is infrequently true of J-13 – the lanes are frequently congested, and the urban sprawl westwards from the cusp of Leeds through to Manchester (and beyond) allows for few clear fielding options.
After repeated efforts in having rescued the NR02-JULIET-12 scores over the last few months, +Mark Niven​'s repeated questioning of “So when are we fielding Bradford (again)?” steadily morphed into “So when are we fielding over Bradford and Leeds?” and then assumed its final form of “We’re fielding Bradford and Leeds this weekend, right?”. On Thursday 12th Jan I sat down in front of the Intel map and - much to my surprise - found a theoretically feasible plan that would enable decent coverage of both J12 and J13 regions and would obviate needing to try to beat a path through the busy city areas by simply going around them… though it would mean having to throw into the Peak District, and the lines used would still require a significant amount of assistance from Mr Roland Jarvis (whether he wanted to or not) as it punched through the RES-dominated/derped areas of Keighley and East/South-East Leeds. We’d also need to enlist the assistance of our cousins cursed to live on the wrong side of the Pennines – not an easy pill for any Yorkshireman to swallow.

Not for the first time, I am thankful that I find myself surrounded by peers who, on being presented with a batshit-crazy plan that no-one in their right minds would attempt to execute, immediately set about finding ways to do it ASAP. We mobilised quickly, managed to gather a formidable team with a diverse range of experience in large-field Ops, obtained and transported the necessary keys and started to pick apart as much of the thorny clearance as possible in the week beforehand without trying to raise too much attention, which included:
+Ella Devlin​ trampling around Marsden Moor in the pitch black, armed only with a faulty sense of direction, sheer bloody determination and the hope of finding and befriending a wolf;
+Jason Liu​, +Jo C​ and myself having to revisit Temple Newsham to clear friendly blockers - a beautiful and impressive location during daylight hours, but an altogether eerie experience in the dead of a calm, misty night.

The initial plan only called for a fairly standard-looking set of fields; the name of the op was essentially a play on my giving something back to J13, and the fields originating from the “heart” of both regions; independently, 3 of us thought it would be neat – in a very kitschy way – to actually make the damn thing look like a heart. Multiple suggestions were put forward; as Mark is a reasonable and thoroughly decent individual and I am a tyrannical control-freak there was only ever going to be one outcome, and it involved sending Mark and Ella out into the back of beyond whilst everyone else was making their way safely home.

In total, we managed to push 28/32 of the main fields through CP3 2017.03 [0200 GMT], with the remainder of the main fields and the North-West extension following on steadily thereafter, all wrapped up within the next hour. The MU captured during that checkpoint was so significant that, for the first time in my Ingress fielding career, the actions we took not only had a noticeable impact on the global score but were instrumental in pushing the Resistance score into the lead. All the fields were still standing at CP4 [0700 GMT], crushing our regional scores but being thoroughly and soundly outclassed in the next checkpoint by our fellow Res agents on the Asian continent - but for a single point in time, we were the difference.

Special XFac thanks to:
Brother Wargasmatron and Brother stratauk of The Holy Order of The Link Amp for their extensive ministrations in Wakefield on Wednesday, allowing us to pile links through the town at the cost of only 4 Jarvis. (He truly does extend, at least all the way down to Bamford)
ENL agent geoffenator for his sterling work in manfully clearing the lion’s share of the blocking links in Keighley for us late on Friday evening, making +Tim Fitzpatrick​'s night much more sedate.
ENL agent CircoWonka for throwing links from our first southern anchor in the hours immediately beforehand which effectively completely protected our otherwise-exposed Western flank.
On behalf of the J12 and J13 Resistance, please accept our deepest and sincerest gratitude for your efforts.

Total field count: 32 (main), 6 (extension)
Total MU count: 24,962,434

Onyx Illuminator: +Bob Tompsett​, +Jason Liu​ (Silver-Black in 6 fields), +Jenny Marflitt
Platinum Illuminator: +Archduchess B​, +Chris Shaw​, +Em Clegg
Platinum Pioneer: +Greg C
Levels gained: 1 (+Chris Shaw​)

Field shape: Heart-like, with a certain level of artistic licence and a generous interpretation
Towns/Cities covered: Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Halifax, Dewsbury, Batley, Keighley, Brighouse, Wetherby, Otley, Silsden, Barnoldswick, Hebden Bridge, Bamford…
View from home: Blue, laggy, everything you could ever hope for
Confirmed Guardian sacrifices to the MU Gods: 2
Keys Lost/Misplaced/Accidentally Deleted: 0
Last-Minute Upsets: 0
Roadkill Count: 0

The Northern Smurf Alliance & Friends:

#RESWUEisawesome #makeYorkshireblueagain #expectResistance #cheersGeoff

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Regarding the EU referendum: I'm reading good arguments for and against, each with correspondingly good counter arguments.

I know we are still some time away from having to decide, but is it wrong to consider just voting the opposite way to how Jeremy Hunt decides to support? Given he's a moron, his support would be the surest indication of the wrong decision.

Possibly related, possibly more cynical: could this be why David Cameron has been keeping quiet about the Junior Doctors contract? A trade in support from a colleague on another divisive issue?
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Dear lazyweb, looking for day out suitable for 6 year old and dog today in Yorkshire. Any ideas?
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The entire Internet distilled into a single page: HTTP status codes illustrated with cat pictures.
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One of those days.
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