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Python teacher here. Can confirm both to be deprecated.
Thanks for the chuckle
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War der Renner vor 70 Jahren: total sicherer Dekoschnee aus unbrennbaren Asbestflocken.

All I want for Christmas is mesothelioma.

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Wird Microsoft Windows tatsächlich eines Tages volle UTF-8-Unterstützung besitzen, wie jedes normale Betriebssystem?
Uh-oh: [WayBack] Unicode in Microsoft Windows: UTF-8 – Wikipedia: Microsoft Windows has a code page designated for UTF-8, code page 65001. Prior to Windows 10 insider build 17035 (November 2017),[7] it was impossible to set the locale code page to 65001,…
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Falls sich jemand gefragt hat, ob seine Quantenkapseln wohl jemals wieder Very-Rare-Items vermehren werden: die Antwort ist "nein".

Ach, und Aegis-Schilde sind jetzt auch leichter zu zerstören.
You will soon receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner. Most Agents should be able to upgrade their scanner by Monday, December 3, 2018.

Note: it is still under active development and we rely upon your help to make it better, together. Proceed with caution and care...remember: Ingress is not a game and the world around you is not what it seems.

Items: Reduced Transmuter hackability.
Items: Increased maximum damage for low level XMPs.
Items: Quantum Capsules will no longer duplicate Very Rare items.
Items: Increased the probability that an Aegis Shield will be destroyed when struck by a critical hit.
Bug: Fixed Recursion timestamp issues.
Bug: Fixed issues related to quitting on-boarding early and faction selection.
Bug: Fixed an issue with non-Gmail accounts logging in and other email related problems.
Bug: Resolved several issues related to firing XMPs.
Bug: Fixed issues related to Fields and Links not being displayed.
Bug: Resolved miscellaneous issues causing user interface to become non-responsive or cause errors.
Bug: Fixed various COMM issues such as not opening to any tab from main menu.
Bug: Fixed the notification not displaying on start.
Bug: Fixed issues related to selecting a single Resonator for recharging.
Bug: Fixed an issue with deploying Resonators.
Bug: Fixed an issue with Resonator slots being unselectable.
Bug: Resolved an issue preventing Resonators from being clickable at range with or without a key.
Bug: Resolved an issue preventing long links from being created. Now functions the same way as Scanner [REDACTED].
Bug: Fixed hack failed message during on-boarding.
Bug: Fixed an issue where resonators don't disappear fast enough when they've been destroyed by somebody other than the Agent.
Bug: Fixed Resonators deploying twice during on-boarding.
Bug: Fixed Agent names not being clickable in Deploy/Recharge screens.
Bug: Fixed an issue with Glyph hacking not starting right away.
Performance: Implemented performance improvements across a variety of user actions.
Performance: Removed unneeded camera transitions when opening the Power Cube menu from the Deploy menu.
Performance: Made the carousel less sensitive when determining whether to advance to the next element at the end of a swipe.
Performance: Removed unnecessary assets from app.
Text: Edited the description for Quantum Capsule and Key Capsules.
Text: Made edits to various error messages and text strings.
Audio: Updated Link sound effects.
User Interface: Made portal key background a darker color rather than white when it loads and various graphical interface changes for usability issues.
User Interface: Moved avatar down and raised save and cancel buttons up
User Experience: Added vibration options to Settings menu

Portal Submissions
Continued Bug Fixes
Continued Feature Parity

To see a list of known issues go here:
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Hatte das Verb "googeln" in den vergangenen Jahren als Synonym für "im Internet suchen" seinen Weg in die Wörterbücher gefunden, so entwickelt sich langsam eine Bedeutungsverschiebung zu "sich mutwillig Gliedmaßen abhacken".

"Oh mein Gott, was ist mit Deinem Ohr passiert!" – "Ach, das habe ich gegoogelt, ich sah in ihm keinen Zusatznutzen."
Report: Google killing Hangouts in 2020, probably launching 8 new messaging services in its place.
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Progress-Flug im Zeitraffer, von der ISS aus gesehen:
I've seen a number of rocket launches before, but this is the first I've seen from space. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, while aboard the ISS, filmed the Progress MS-10 launch from Kazakhstan and you can see its ascent, its stage separation, its orbital burn, and the burn-up of the ascent stage as it falls through the atmosphere.

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Wir könnte doch anstelle von Dieselautos einfach mal Microsoft Office verbieten, einverstanden?
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