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"If you are still listening to those in the political class who are falling over each other to condemn leaks from the government to the media, you'd think the leaks had revealed private information in which the public has no legitimate interest, or perhaps a planned secret government mission to rescue innocents. Neither is the case.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress, most of them from the House and Senate intelligence committees, have blasted the White House for leaking to The New York Times and others the existence of President Obama's secret kill list and his cyber-warfare against Iran. According to those doing the blasting, the leaks were made in order to bolster the president's war-on-terror credentials with voters in anticipation of an onslaught against those credentials by Gov. Mitt Romney in the coming fall presidential campaign.

So, who has violated the Constitution and federal law, who has caused more harm and who has performed more of a disservice to the nation: those who leaked the truth to the media, or the president, who caused death and destruction among those he hates and fears?"

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And what the president is doing now is different from just about every other president before him how? Napolitano's bias is clear when he keeps repeating that Obama personally "hates and fears" those terrorists he targets. I'd be more likely to listen to his arguments if he weren't so obviously a water-carrier for Obama's opponents.
I watched Napolitano's Freedom Watch show for a couple months. I really like his consistency in standing for personal liberty and constitutional government. He's no friend of Obama or the current crop of republicans. I think he got set aside when it became obvious he was actually shilling for Ron Paul. I think he let his support for Paul get in the way of a useful message, which I miss hearing. 
+Diane Kistner I hear you that it would be easier to listen to and give credence to Judge N's arguments if he were not showing obvious bias. I can really understand and resonate with that.

I want to address something you said that I don't resonate with.
"And what the president is doing now is different from just about every other president before him how?" <-- Because something has been done before is zero excuse for it to be done again or to continue.
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