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April Christie Bodner
Writer. Thinker. Scientist.. Mother of two.
Writer. Thinker. Scientist.. Mother of two.

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Do you have an idea for a phone app? My friend, Scott can build anything.
Want a giant robot or a phone app to control your giant robot?
We can create one of these for you!
Anything you can dream up, we can build.
Funds low? We accept payments, trade, Bitcoin, Ethereum and equity.
Must have some money to begin work.

OceanMedia prides itself on
(1) Being our word. You can count on us to do what I say and in the amount of time promised.
(2) Communicating with efficiency and empathy 99.2% of the time. Even if we can't get to something right away, we'll say so.
(3) We adapt but we can't breath underwater yet. If you have ideas, tell us. We love to brainstorm and build new features!
(4) One stop shopping except when you need something crazy. We've been doing this since 1995. So we've learned most skills in relation to software production. Want hosting? We have high end servers for that in a secure facility. Want writing or animation? We can do it.

Scott Swain
Founder and lead programmer,

#phoneapps #mobiledevelopment #android #ios #webdevelopment #webdesign #cms #seo #logodesign #branding #marketing #hosting #animation

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21 uses for ginger

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Furry, trimmed, shaved, or waxed vagina?
What's your preference? What are the pros and cons?
Question for Advocates of Hairy Vaginas

I've heard a minority of women speak out in favor of reduced trimming. Their reasons seem worthy of mentioning so I will mention them:

- I don't want guys looking at me like I'm a pre-teen or having some child-fuck fantasy while being with me.

- More hair reduces chance of STDs because the hair is a buffer.

- Less "hair management" means less chance of ingrown hairs.

- That's for porn stars.

- We already spend massive amounts of time doing hair management. We don't need even more reasons to spend time and money modifying our bodies.

I would like to address these points and hear what all of you feel about this topic.

- "Pre-teen fuck fantasy" a few things about this: (1) I love pussy look, feel, smell, taste... Clean pussy, that is. IMHO "pussy" is not the same thing as "pussy + hair". Hair is an add-on that can enhance pussy or not (subjective). For me, a bit of hair can provide a nice "frame" that may even enhance the view with nice contrast. But the point I want to make here is that pussy beauty for me is unobstructed view of pussy and need not have anything to do with age perception. (2) either your guy is a perv or not. Seeing your waxed or shaved muffin isn't going to push him over the edge so if you worry about that, it's like you already consider him a perv. (3) I think it is safe to assume there are many reasons a woman can and does enjoy a clean-shaven man (face or groin) that do not include fantasies of pedophilia.

- Regarding idea that hair acts as a disease protector: all I can do here is disagree based on intuition and leave it up to you who love to research...

- Ingrown hairs: yeah prolly true this is a potential negative. I've heard that shaving but not waxing causes this.

- Porn - I'll leave this one for you all to answer or ignore.

- Time/money expenditure - I get that. Many women are already spending a certain amount of effort in keeping their legs and underarms hair-free. Now to add slick pussy to the mix is like the hair that broke the camel's back. Who has the time? I say it's a personal thing. I'm not arguing that anyone should trim their twat. I'm merely asking people if they have weighed all the pros and cons. Would I prefer all women I date do this? Sure! I'd also prefer to have my brain in a 25-year old body. "You can't always get what you want... but if you try sometimes..."

New thoughts: I wonder how hairyness affects lubrication?

Finally, I want to throw in a few more benefits of having a well trimmed or hairless yoni: (1) increased sensation for both parties; (2) easier to keep clean & tasty & good smelling; (3) easier to find spots that are sometimes harder to find; and (4) easier to notice if there are any health issues.

Eager to hear all your thoughts on this!

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How Far Do You Stretch the Definition of Force?

I think most of us agree that there is usually a net overall loss when one person forces another person to do a thing. Sometimes, though, people will "expand" the definition of force to include not doing a thing. What?!


A person in need came to you asking for [food, love, listening, etc] and you didn't give it to them or you gave them less than they wanted. Maybe you had just enough for you and your family at that time. The person in need ended up dying or killing himself. The death might not have happened if you had given them the thing. Therefore, you forced them to die. Really?

Another example:

"Hey can you give me a loan?"
Response: "Sorry. I don't have enough extra right now."
"Then you are forcing me to take it from you." or "You leave me no choice but to rob you."
[Who is the person really using force here? Who is attempting to disguise their use of force as justified because they say the other one was the first to use force?]

Does it serve us to include NOT DOING something as "force"? Especially when:

(1) It undermines responsibility. If we can say that a person NOT DOING something is forcing us to DO something then we can more easily say we had no choice and thus, no responsibility because we all know that when we are forced to do something, we have no say.

Full article:

#force #initiationofforce #nap, #nonaggressionprinciple #removalofchoice #choice #freedom #independence #libertarian #voluntaryism #agorism #anarchy #anarchocapitalism #ancap #liberation #respect #ideals #principles #empowerment #nvc #nonviolentcommunication #coercion #compassion #empathy

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I just received my order two days ago. Played it with my mom. Healed 20 years of strife between us!!!
Play2Evolve Card Game

I invite you to play my new* card game called Play to Evolve, a way to connect with friends and family.

- Deepen all your relationships
- Increase your courage to say the hard truths
- Improve your negotiation skills
- Increase responsible and power
- Level up your child's emotional intelligence

So I invite every one of you to order a deck and increase your personal power while contributing to the spread of empathy in the world.

Based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

Order a deck here:


"I've played Play to Evolve with my teenage sons and in adult groups with great results. The game provides a supportive environment to learn how to clearly express emotions, needs and empathy and each time I've played, participants increased their ability to understand and communicate their needs [values/wants] and the needs [values/wants] of others. I also experienced that the realistic scenarios and interactions in Play to Evolve helped transfer the learning and practice to my day-to-day life." ~ Marisa Santangelo, Life Coach

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Wallstreet Journal Expose: Facebook feeds you vastly different articles, depending on your political beliefs

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Why practice empathy with/on people I don't like or will never see again?

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Humor aside, this guy can be trusted to build you a great web site and help you market it.
Want a giant flying robot or web site or phone app?
I can do 2 of 3 [please reshare this]

Want a web site built into a Content Management System (CMS) that has every feature you need and you can learn to manage yourself in 8 minutes or 10 minutes or 12 minutes or 14 minutes or 16 minutes or 18 minutes?

Here are a few of the most popular features:
- Your site will auto-adapt to any device or screen size used to view it. Except on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays your site will bypass the Internet and project straight into your customers' brains.
- How about a product and inventory system that can be customized to rent or sell anything from food to monkey farts to lodging?
- You can even turn on "Automatically reorder this item when inventory reaches a certain threshhold."
- Want to associate a product or products to another product? Yep! If you are a restaurant, you want this feature. If you are a restaurant, how are you reading this?
- Built-in product review system. Your customers can give you five stars. I'm giving you five stars for readhing this far.
- Never type again with our "Read Your Mind" module. OK. That part doesn't exist yet. Yet.

If you want to sell something online or pretend you are selling something online or sell nothing online really well, I've probably thought of the features you need.

Check out our portfolio here:
[Yeah, it's sometimes difficult to navigate I/me/we/us when sometimes I hire people to help, so OceanMedia isn't always just me... in my head.]

If you want a quick or slow demo of my CMS, to see how you would control pages, text, images, products, inventory, etc., please feel free to contact me.

My company, OceanMedia, prides itself on
(1) Being my word. You can count on me to do what I say and in the amount of time promised.
(2) Communicating with efficiency and empathy 99.2% of the time. Even if I can't get to something right away, I'll get back to you to say so.
(3) I adapt but I can't breath underwater yet. If the software doesn't do something you want, tell me about it. I love to brainstorm and build new features!
(4) One stop shopping. I've been doing this since 1995. So I've learned most skills in relation to web production. Want hosting? I have high end servers for that in a secure facility. Want writing or animation? I can do it.
(5) I make phone apps, too.

Scott Swain
Founder and lead programmer,

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Easy Transgendering?!
Future According to +Neal Asher​ (sci-fi author)

AUGMENTED - To be “augmented” is to have taken advantage of one or more of the many available cybernetic devices, mechanical additions and, distinctly, cerebral augmentations. In the last case we have, of course, the ubiquitous “aug” and such back-formations as “auged,” “auging-in,” and the execrable “all auged up.” But it does not stop there: the word “aug”has now become confused with auger and augur—which is understandable considering the way an aug connects and the information that then becomes available. So now you can “auger” information from the AI net, and a prediction made by an aug prognostic subprogram can be called an augury. —From Quince Guide, compiled by humans

NANOSUITE — A suite of nano-machines most human beings have inside them. These self-propagating machines act as a secondary immune system, repairing and adjusting the body. Each suite can be adjusted to suit the individual and his or her circumstances.

NASCUFF — A device that can externally adjust a person’s nanosuite to suit their sexual inclination. It is mainly worn to advertise sexual availability or otherwise. When the libido of the one wearing it is shut down the cuff is red. When they are sexually active it is blue.

(and from Scott Swain)
TRANSNANOSUITE - A specialized suite of nanites that temporarily modify a wearer's genitalia to mimic the look, feel, and sensations of any of the known genders. Mid- to- high- end transnanosuites also add various functions to augs, including "pick-your-gender-attraction," "modify-current-arousal-state," and "modify-on-the-fly-your-hormone-production" (including testosterone, estrogen, etc.).

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Racism - Where is it going?
I wonder where all this fear of racism is going? Remember Orwell's 1984 where they were constantly removing words from the dictionary? Is it racist to recognize skin color or even prefer the company of some colors over others? If so, then is every black man with a black wife a racist? This reminds me of something Jonathan Haight said, something like, "We are living in the most peaceful and accepting times ever, and because of this, sensitivity to anything that looks like violence or non-acceptance is seen through an amplified filter." 

My preference? Acceptance. And for me "acceptance" means being okay with the most backward-ass, truly racist, red-neck, ignorant opinions. I'm confident their ideas are so bad, they won't spread. But to shut them up? Who am I to judge? THAT is acceptance; allowing people to say stuff I'm uncomfortable with. With each generation more ignoramuses like that die and more people with accepting attitudes are born. Sure, I'd love it if we had what I consider a perfect world of everyone saying nicey-nicey things... until I think about (a) I would NEVER advocate using force to get us there; and (b) sounds like a very unauthentic and boring world. Yeah, said by a "privileged" white male whose background, experiences, and challenges people could choose to judge by my skin color... or not.
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