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oh hey hey +gregory blair. Sales at for Shadowrun on PC/MAC.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Shadowrun Dragonfall: Director's Cut

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For +ONE SHOT Podcast's Dungeon Dome I did a design for The Mychanoise who are a rad pair of weirdos. If you want one they're $14. You can also get the art on stickers and shit! You can watch the video here of the actual thing

Duwayaiin of the Mountain and Selvas of the forest are swamp dwelling psychedelic cult leaders. They convince their followers to eat Myconids, sapient mushroom people, in order to experience religious hallucinations. Their cult of personality propelled them through the lower circuit to bring them to battle in the Dungeon Dome. Design by Sean Poppe

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This is by a wide margin one of the better creature designs I've seen in a long time.

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I'm doing two things go sign up for those things. More to come. Props to +cecil howe for doing The Good Work. 

Oh no... is the Netflix Castlevania... good?? ???

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Thursday Night Work Party ✍️ 🎲 💥

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Since +Ray Otus asked I thought others may be interested:
What paper size did you start with and how many pages did you draw per sheet (and how oriented)? If you don't mind my asking.

What Danforth Saw was drawn mostly on 20lb copy paper. I used a sharpie and a Bic for the whole thing. On average the art was drawn twice as large the printed size.

Scanned then cleaned up in photoshop, then printed it on sheets of 11 x 17 paper, trimmed down so the image went off the page.

I really liked how it turned out, but laying everything out in photoshop was a pain in the ass. With a bit more planning I probably could have had a more uniform size and not done as much work when cutting and trimming. 

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Do you own issue No. 9 of Undercroft? You should. It's a good one.
By a remarkable act of expediency on my printers' part, issue #9 of the Undercroft is back in stock way ahead of schedule.

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woah the production value on this looks sick. and good art by my dudes +Michael Raston and +cecil howe mean Quality.

Anyone play Blood and Bronze?? Super into the idea of a sword and sandals setting...

A 48 page hexcrawl for Blood & Bronze.
Art by +Michael Raston​, map by +cecil howe​, editing by +Sándor Gebei​, and cover by Wera Olsson.

Check it out:
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