Another clarification of the open-access policy at the Research Councils UK

Mark Thorley of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) has posted another clarification of the new RCUK open-access policy.

See the clarification that Mark and I published together in August.

The clarifications are necessary because many careful readers misunderstand the policy on points that matter, such as when authors may choose green OA instead of gold OA. The RCUK knows this, but has decided not to revise the official language of the policy to reflect the unofficial clarifications.

More importantly, the clarifications are insufficient. Even properly understood, the policy is needlessly slow, expensive, incomplete, and uncertain, and puts the interests of publishers ahead of the interests of researchers and taxpayers. See my detailed critique in the September 2012 issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter.

The UK can do better. In fact, the RCUK can do better. Its 2006 policy was better than the new policy. It only needed to be enforced.

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