The Wellcome Trust strengthens its OA policy in two ways.

1. "Failure to comply with the policy could result in final grant payments being withheld and non-compliant publications being discounted when applying for further funding...." (Wellcome has mandated green OA since 2006, and the current compliance rate is 55%.)

2. "From early 2013, the Trust will also require that when it pays an open access fee, a paper is made freely available for all types of re-use (including commercial uses) subject to appropriate acknowledgement...." (Essentially, it will require a CC-BY license; previously it required a CC-BY-NC license.)

Kudos to Wellcome. Both steps will advance OA. For more background on the second step, showing how Wellcome is a leader in requiring libre OA, see my SOAN article, "The rise of libre OA" <>, published earlier this month.

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