Restoring the record

Here's the original URL for Elsevier's February 3 statement, reaffirming its support for the RWA.

But today the URL resolves to the company's February 27 statement withdrawing support for the RWA.

It's not easy to find the original February 3 statement. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine didn't capture it. But I just found a copy in the Google cache.

Altogether, Elsevier made three statements reaffirming the RWA in the face of criticism before it decided to pull the plug. The first was from Chrysanne Lowe, Elsevier's VP for Global Marketing Communications, undated but around February 2, 2012 <>. The second was the unsigned corporate communiqué on February 3, 2012, now buried but for the Google cache <>. The third was from Alicia Wise, Elsevier's Director of Universal Access, in her interview with +Richard Poynder on February 8, 2012 <>.

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