To mathematicians calculating their response to Elsevier

Here's a thought for mathematicians trying to figure out how to respond to today's letter from Elsevier to the mathematics community....

At least take note of a new study by Kristine Fowler (March 2012) finding that 92% of mathematicians who tried to retain more rights than their standard publishing contracts allowed, succeeded, and that most of those who succeeded used author addenda. On the other hand, fewer than 20% even tried to retain more rights than the standard contract allowed.

If you find Elsevier's public response insufficient, then continue to boycott Elsevier journals. But if you submit new work to Elsevier journals, then at least put 2 and 2 together and ask to retain more rights than the standard contract allows. Use one of the SPARC author addenda (the most successful addenda in the Fowler study), or another addendum of your choice, to modify the contract.

For a selection of author addenda, and a brief intro to what they are, see the list at the Open Access Directory.

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