Update on the stupid.

Gail Collins on the sequester: " Why would they cut scientific research? That’s crazy. The federal budget is almost $4 trillion. Why can’t they just cut out the most useless stuff? Because this was supposed to be a trigger so dreadful and dire and stupid that Congress would force itself to come up with a reasonable deficit reduction plan to avoid it. Ha. Ha....So let them change the rules and tell the agencies to just cut the least important programs.... Perfectly rational thought, but remember these sequester cuts are on an automatic trigger. To avert it, you have to come up with an alternative that’s acceptable to the Republicans in the House of Representatives — possibly the only people in the country who would prefer furloughing air traffic controllers to a minimum tax on millionaires."

Now me: Great. We're inching toward long-awaited policies to require open access to publicly-funded research. But we're racing to slash publicly-funded research. And we're not slashing research budgets because anyone thinks it's a good idea. We're doing it because it's deliberately "dreadful and dire and stupid." Where am I?

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