800+ scholarly societies embrace open access. Update.

How many scholarly societies publish OA journals? I'm glad you asked. 

Six years ago, +Caroline Sutton and I released the first edition of our catalog of societies that publish OA journals. Two years ago we released the second. Today we're pleased to release the third edition and announce that +Amanda Page has joined us as a co-author. Amanda did the bulk of the research and analysis that made the third edition possible.

The new edition (September 2013) identifies 832 societies publishing 780 full or non-hybrid OA journals.

For comparison, the second edition (December 2011) found 530 societies publishing 616 full OA journals, and the first edition (November 2007) found 425 societies publishing 450 full OA journals, and 21 societies publishing 73 hybrid OA journals.  (The first edition of the list included hybrid OA journals, the two newer editions do not.)

Of the 780 OA journals published by societies, a majority of 451 or 58% charge no publication or submission fees.

Here's how the journals break down by field: 
* 631 (81%) in science, technology, engineering, or medicine
* 84 (11%) in the social sciences
* 49 (6%) in the humanities 
* 5 (0.6%) in the arts
* 11 (1%) in more than one field (multiple Library of Congress subject categories apply). 

The catalog is OA, of course. We maintain it on a Google spreadsheet under a CC-BY license. Until a few months ago, it was also open for public editing. Unfortunately vandalism forced us to close public editing in April, although the spreadsheet remains OA under CC-BY for reading and reuse. We'll re-open it for public editing when we think it's safe to do so. In the meantime, we continue to update the spreadsheet ourselves. If you have additions or corrections, please send them to Amanda Page <page.amanda.lynn@gmail.com>. And visit periodically to see how the numbers are changing. 

We'll soon announce a map to visualize the geographic distribution of these societies. Stay tuned. Until then, you can use the spreadsheet to sort societies or journals by country. The spreadsheet also allows sorting by subject (e.g. physics or philosophy, not just STM or humanities), by copyright policy, and by the availability of a print edition, among other parameters. 

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