OA mandate introduced in Mexican Senate

On March 12, 2013, Senator Ana Lilia Herrera Anzaldo introduced a bill in the Mexican Senate to require open access for publicly-funded research.

The lengthy prologue shows that the Senator and her staff did their homework. It cites the Obama White House directive of February 22 of this year, the Budapest and Bethesda statements from 2002 and 2003, the OECD open-data policy of 2004, and the OA-based economic benefits of the human genome project. It also cites EU's Study of Open Access Publishing from 2012, showing that funds for fee-based OA journals were more difficult to obtain in Mexico than in any of the 30 countries covered by the study.

See especially Article 12 of the the new bill. Quoting Google's English: "The results of research, technological development and innovation that are the subject of support in terms of this Act shall invariably published in open access format....Research institutions, technological development and innovation receive support from the Federal Government to disseminate their activities and society results of their research and development, through platforms Open Access, subject to intellectual property rights and relevant information, because of their nature, must reserve...."

Can anyone with stronger Spanish (i.e. just about anyone) post an English translation or summary of the bill?

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