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Simon Moores
Strategic Futurist, Guardian Contributor , AI, Analytics & Risk
Strategic Futurist, Guardian Contributor , AI, Analytics & Risk

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The Gateway to Space
I was asked to give a talk on the future at Goonhilly Earth Station by Superfast Broadband Cornwall and here are a few clips. The high point of the day for me, was a tour of the facility and it's control room, controlling a selection of communications satel...

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Thoughts on Chess and AI
In 1997, Gary Kasparov, one of history’s most gifted chess players, lost to Deep Blue, a $10 million specialized supercomputer programmed by a team from IBM. When I met Gary over dinner one night in London in 2001, I don’t think even he would have predicted...

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A Day at The Shard
One of those days in a lifetime to remember. Today, I had to fly a banner around London’s iconic landmark, The Shard. The occasion was a marriage ceremony at the top of the building. Sonya and Paul were having their big day, courtesy of the ITV, ‘This Morni...

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Nothing New Here Folks
“Parliament leaks like a sieve. ” - That takes me all the way back to a weblog entry in 2002. News today that the emails of Members of Parliament may have been compromised , stolen, hacked; you name it, comes as no great surprise. In fifteen years or more s...

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Civilisational Data Mining
It’s a new expression I haven’t heard before. ‘Civilisational data mining.’ Let me start by putting it in some context. Every character, you or I have typed into the Google search engine or Facebook over the last decade, means something, to someone or perha...

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The’Big Bang’ isn’t Quite What We Thought it Was.
I’ve been struggling with a book on the latest theories in physics, the Higgs particle , quantum gravity and scalar fields. At which point your eyes may glaze over and I would quite understand. For me, at least, it’s fascinating, if only because our view of...

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Catching-up with Tomorrow
“I'm not trying to predict the future, I’m trying to prevent it” – Ray Bradbury. Nobody has a clue what the world will look like in five years and yet we are all preparing for the future.  Studies of information-technology adaptation suggest there is genera...

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The Nature of Nurture?
Edmond Greville with Mai Zetterling Recently, I found myself in a fascinating four-way Twitter exchange, with Professor Adam Rutherford and two other science-minded friends The subject, frequently regarded as a delicate one, genetics and whether there could...

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Swinging Voters.
One of those windy, hot summer’s days, which makes my life as a pilot, (weekend job) awkward when trying to thread an aircraft with precision, between two poles, ten feet off the ground. Back home again and time to relax before my dinner of Quorn burgers. I...

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Don't Take Me Too Seriously
It might be the day of a General Election but it’s also the anniversary of the date of the publication in 1949 of George Orwell’s dark warning to us all, the great novel of the future, 1984 and the death of a man whose debt our country never paid; Alan Turi...
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