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Reminder that this account is private, and it's a waste of your time to circle it. My public account is +Wil Wheaton.

Don't bother adding this account to circles. Nothing ever happens here. The account you want to add is +Wil Wheaton 

Anyone else having trouble getting active defense to load with Lee Security Guard? SuperSU is granting it root permission, but the app says it can't get root access.

I'm using the English translation from xda, if that matters. 

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Not that it matters, but this account is legit. I'm trying to figure out a way to merge my YouTube and G+ accounts into one thing, so Hangouts On Air will work the way I want them to work. There isn't an easy way (or any way, really) to combine accounts, though, so I have to do it all by hand. 

At the moment, it doesn't appear to be worth the effort, so this account is likely going to sit here and remain dormant. If you want to circle me, use the link below.
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