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Nice Australia Beach and Exceptional Photography!
#australia   #beaches   #oceanphotography  
Sorrento Back Beach, Australia
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SEO, Web Design, Google Updates, Semantic Search - Great Tips to Improve Website Visibility and Traffic!
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All the passwords you should change because of Heartbleed, in one handy graphic!
#heartbleed   #infographic   #security  
Which Passwords Should I Change for Heartbleed?

There are conflicting views on this. Things of this nature tend to be like peeling an onion, and we won't know the true impact for months. So I personally recommend (and this is what I'm doing): change all of your passwords once per week, for the next few weeks or so- until we know the true impact. Better safe than sorry.


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Burrowing Owl - Exceptional Bird Photography!
#birdphotography   #owls   #birding  
The Better To See You With!
Burrowing Owl
These little owls, 7.5 to 11 inches tall, tend to be pretty active during the day as well as night. They often nest and roost in abandoned prairie dog burrows.
While they do most of their hunting from dusk till dawn, they also do hunt during the day. They usually live in grassland areas and have rather longer legs than most owls for sprinting after prey they may miss on the initial air assault!
At Zanjero Park, Gilbert, Arizona
For +Birds Of Prey Sunday
#birdsofpreysunday +Birds Of Prey Sunday by +Jeffrey Van Daele +Diego Cattaneo
+Eyes On Sunday
#eyesonsunday +Eyes On Sunday by +Sonia Kalčić
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Concept iWatch!
#iwatch   #apple   #wearabletech  
Concept iWatch - looks awesome!

Here is a very impressive concept render of the rumored Apple iWatch. This is nearly identical how I have imagined an iWatch will look. Like a smaller iPhone on your arm, but of course with an UI that has an excellent user experience for a watch, as only Apple can do.

#apple #iwatch
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Blue Lake, Alaska - Outstanding Photography!
#alaska   #landscapephotography  
Blue Lake, Alaska.
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Nice Animated Infographic on the Growth of Mobile Ads!
#mobileads   #ppc   #advertising   #seo   #infographic   #mobileseo   #smartphone   #tablet  
Is Desktop Advertising on Its Way Out? Mobile Advertising is Projected to Still be Growing in 2017
To enlarge image:

With the slow diminish of desktop and expenses, mobile ad spending is on the rise, creating a new era of online advertising.

The below infographic created by our friends at +Vertical Measures  takes a closer look at the future of mobile advertising.

Some key stats are:

Google is the number 1 digital ad publisher in the world with 33 percent of all digital ad dollars in 2013.

Mobile advertising is projected to still be growing in 2017. From 2012 to 2017, mobile ad spending is expected to be increased 716 percent.
Search and display are the top formats in U.S. mobile ad spending and are projected to keep growing.

The U.S. net mobile ad revenues for corporations is on the rise. By 2015, Google is expected to increase their revenue to $9.29 Billion, followed by Facebook to $1.86 Billion, Pandora to $0.75 Billion, and Twitter to $0.63 Billion.

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H/t +B2C +Daniel Dannenberg


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Drink the Coffee - Eat the Cup!
#coffeelovers   #coffee  
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Sounds great!
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Golden Wave!
#waves   #naturephotography  
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