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Surfing Photography  - 
Hawaii duck dive ~ traditional alaia board!
Photo of the Day: "The main reason I love ocean and surf photography is the combination of the physical and creative challenge of it," says photographer Sarah Lee of this image taken in Hawaii. #photography 
A woman duck dives beneath a wave on a wooden alaia, in this National Geographic Photo of the Day from Proof.
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Surfing Photography  - 
Girls can be smooth surfers. Are you one of them?
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That pic is perfect, clear, clean, focused, nice composition.
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Semantic Search / Web / SEO  - 
The Actionable Guide to Doing Better Semantic Keyword Research!
"...Search Engines are looking past exact match keyword occurrences on web pages. • They are learning the meaning behind keywords and examining how they relate to each other conceptually • The strength of that conceptual connection being scored for relevancy within search queries and on-page." ...Read more:
#semanticseo   #semanticsearch   #seo  
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Content Marketing  - 
According to a new infographic from Widen, you only have 8 seconds to capture the reader's attention with great creative before they scroll away.
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Surfing Community  - 
Mick Fanning Back in the Water! - "First surf back. Feels so good."
#mickfanning   #surfing  
A champion surfer who escaped a shark attack in South Africa live on television returns to the water six days later in his native Australia.
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SEO Community  - 
Artificial intelligence system automates responses to toxic behavior in League of Legends game! ...An artificial immune response system.
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Human Behavior, as Guided by Artificial Intelligence

This was a fascinating piece to write. It's about neuroscientist Jeffrey Lin, who is dramatically reducing people’s toxic behavior in online gaming at Riot Games - by using artificial intelligence. This isn't some future vision. They flipped the switch a few months ago and it's working. 

What Riot has built is an artificial intelligence system that automates responses to toxic behavior in its flagship game, League of Legends. Think of it as an artificial immune response system.
Though I'm not personally a gamer, I felt compelled to understand how this system came to be. I wanted to understand how it worked and what its implications might be for influencing human behavior in other contexts. 

There are so many interesting facets to this story. I find it frightening in some ways, and very inspiring in others. 

Riot is clearly out front in applying artificial intelligence in gaming. I predict the next large-scale applications of crowdsourced artificial intelligence will be in social networks. Facebook and Google have snapped up the leaders of a particularly promising type of machine learning called Deep Learning, and Twitter is ramping up its artificial intelligence investments too. Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google’s DeepMind acquisition, recently noted that “In six months to a year’s time we’ll start seeing some aspects of what we’re doing embedded in Google Plus, natural language and maybe some recommendation systems.”

Hassabis made that comment about artificial intelligence here in Google+ just about six months ago. What do you think he was hinting at? Will it be used to better understand and match people's interests here? Also, Google+ is pretty tame on the toxic behavior bar when compared to sites like YouTube, reddit, 4chan, and online gaming, but could something like this be applied here too? Do we need it? Would we want it?

I will probably end up diving back into this story again soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

#humanbehavior   #ai   #artificialintelligence   #leagueoflegends   
Artificial intelligence is reducing toxic behavior in online gaming and could mark the future of influencing human behavior.
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Best of Google+  - 
Great Google Tips!
21 [Awesome] Google Tips & Tricks

Do you like discovering new Google related tips? I sure do!

And that’s why I’ve created an extensive series of 21 Awesome Google tips covering a wide variety of the Google products we all love (Google Search, Chrome, Drive, Plus, Maps, Calendar, Gmail, Adsense, YouTube) and much much more! 

01. Google Search: Your personal search trends.
02. Google Chrome: Search Faster with Tab to Search.
03. Google Search: Search like a pro.
04. Google Doodles: The archive.
05. Google Alerts: What you care about, as it happens.
06. Google Docs: Interactive table of contents.
07. Google Shortener: Bitly vs. Google Link Shorteners.
08. Google Maps: Time Travel with Google Street View.
09. Google Location: Where you’ve been and when.
10. Google Dashboard: All you account data, in one place.
11. Google YouTube: Playlists, Mixes and More.
12. Google Translate: More powerful than you thought.
13. Google Calendar: All in one.
14. Google Trends: Boost organic traffic by up to 300%.
15. Google Security: Secure your Google account, now.
16. Google Device Manager: locate, lock, erase.
17. Google AdSense: Make money with John.
18. Google Adwords: Increase sales with Bill.
19. Google Chrome & Search: 18 Productivity Tricks.
20. Google Gmail: 15 awesome tricks.
21. Google Plus: Series finale.

21 Google Tips Series by Daniel Futerman:

21 awesome Google Tips and Tricks, featuring Google Search, Chrome, Drive, Plus, Maps, Trends, Alerts, Calendar, Gmail, Adsense, YouTube and so much more!
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Semantic Search / Web / SEO  - 
Why is Semantic Search So Important for Patent Searching? - "...Semantic search is an essential patent search tool because it finds hidden #patents that keyword search can miss. ​In their seminal paper about #semanticsearch, the researchers from IBM, Stanford and MIT separate searching into two types:" ...Read more:
#search   #patentsearch   #tech  
Semantic search is an essential patent search tool because it finds hidden patents that keyword search can miss. ​In their seminal paper about semantic search, the researchers from IBM, Stanford and MIT separate searching into two types: Navigational search to find a specific document.
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Design And Emotion Trends 2015 - infographic

Marketers and advertisers know the way to engage a customer is by tugging on their heart strings. Through its regular data-driven infographic series, +Shutterstock examined which primary emotions were most popular and trending with creative professionals.

While love, the top ranking emotion, grew 73 percent from the previous year, demand for sad images has more than doubled – a nod to the rising trend of Sadvertising.

The full interactive #infographic lets you mix and match different music tracks to a video to see how music impacts mood, as well as explore the top emoticons downloaded by country.

Read it here:

#advertising   #design   #emotions   #marketing
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Semantic Search / Web / SEO  - 
Optimizing your website is going to be different in 2015 than it has been in the past thanks to something called semantic search!*Semantic Search Reminders for 2015
#seo   #semanticsearch   #semanticseo  
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Surfing Photography  - 
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Point brack is mine movie from 1991!!

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