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Top vloggers in the UK vs Top players in Weibo (Chinese twitter)

Charges by top vloggers in the UK (
1. Up to £20,000/month for banners and 'skins' around edges of web pages.
2. Up to £4000 per mention of a product.
3. Up to £4000 per Instagram/Twitter post featuring product.
4. Up to £10,000 per personal appearance.

How about in China, it's the charges by top players on (Chinese twitter) (source:
£65 to 25,886,942 followers
£50 to 24,974,861 followers
£20 to 3,028,489 followers

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The ranking for has been improving in line with the plan. So far, it is ranked at No1 or 2 on, and on the first or second page on for a couple of keywords: Chinese Acupuncture Edinburgh, Acupuncture Edinburgh, Chinese Acupuncture in Edinburgh.

Obviously, it's a less competitive market, but it will collect valuable data to identify the best channels for further marketing. The challenge is to identify how to turn traffic into sales.

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Thinking China market? We can help!
With our expertize on online marketing, we can introduce your business to Chinese customers. You can visit our website at for more details. - Chinese acupuncture in Edinburgh approach me to improve Google rankings on a couple of keywords, the main keyword is Chinese acupuncture in Edinburgh, they have a new website and current ranking is 100. My goal is to optimize to be on the first page and top 3 in Google in 6 months.

I saw your SEO post at lkcn, please add me.

Think of website? Then have a Wordpress theme!

We develop your theme from £299. You can use it as your website, or a template to build more websites, or even you can sell it. You can learn more about Wordpress theme at

Please note, price may vary based on your requirements, for example, you may fancy more jQuery efforts in the front-end or your own post-type (a type of data in database at Wordpress) at the back-end.

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We can help to introduce your business to Chinese customers with our knowledge based on both British and Chinese online market.

It's the guidance how we are going to do:

1. We need to understand your business and to have the best photos and wordings
2. Your business is boosted to Chinese communities and tourists in the UK
3. Your business is to market on Chinese search engines and social networks in mainland China
4. You receive the monthly reports

Please feel free to contact us for questions or price.

Download source code:
Download the form in Open office format:

Save paper and save money.

Website design online checklist form aims to offer website designers and website owner a better understanding on the new website. By filling in the form, the data can be stored into a database, email or both for later use. It is free to download the source code, free to change and use to suit your need. The simple way is to change the code with your logo and put a link on your website. You may use the default print function in your browser or copy and paste it to a text document if you need to print it.

It is based on JQuery, PHP and MySQL. My host is (MySQL version 5.0.8 PHP extension: mysqli Apache/2.216 Debian), which should be a very common setting for web host. They include:
>For Database based
1. checklist.php (show forms)
2. process-list.php (Database process and send emails) (change your MySQL setting here)
3. showlist.php (show checklist from database) (change MySQL setting here)
4. tables.sql: dp_customers / dp_business / dp_websites
5. sp.sql: SetLists (Stored Procedures)
Note: please run each SQL individually to create table and stored procedures, I use phpMyAdmin and am unable to test on multiply sqls. Stored procedures are very sensible to space, for example "END" will work but "END " won't work.

>Email only (no database based)
1. checklist-email.php
2. list-email.php

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We have developed, free to use and simple to manage restaurant bookings system on mobile and computer. In addtion, it is good for SEO as the website will be listed when it uses the system.

Restaurants will still receive bookings by email. However all bookings will be saved in a database, which brings benefits to restaurants and provides us potentials to do more development.

It is light on front-end and can run fast on mobile. We use jquery-ui.js(66kb) for calendar, actually, we could have reduced file size by developing our own calendar on Javascript, but jquery-ui provides rich user-interface functions and can reduce development time dramatically.

Comparing to other booking systems such as,, we aim to provide something free, simple but does the job. All bookings made on restaurant websites are free, until if you ask us and we can bring more bookings from other channels, such as our website, we will charge £2 a head in a booking.

Please feel free to use:

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My Jquery is disabled by “

JQuery on some of my website stop working today. After quick check, I noticed the problem is "", after I changed to "", it's solved.

I would be glad if I can know the reason in details.

example 1. (jquery working)
example 2 (jquery not working)
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