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Lisa Pohlmeyer
Roadway Asset Mgt @ work, home improvement & fused glass addict @ home
Roadway Asset Mgt @ work, home improvement & fused glass addict @ home

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Friends of ours who live up the road from us lost their house to an attic fire on Wednesday night.  The outpouring of support is amazing! They were lucky, now the rebuilding begins. It always seems especially difficult when this happens around the holidays.  Georgetown is an awesome place to live & work!

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Shame on the State of New Jersey for wanting to demolish this beautiful building. It would truly be a great loss in terms of not only architecture but culture as well.  What's even more mind boggling is that there have been offers in excess of $100M to develop the site, instead of spending $50M taxpayer dollars to destroy it.

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Unfortunately the software is not intelligent enough to adapt to you, so you need to be intelligent enough to adapt to the software.   #Civil3D  
Just sayin.... (I stole this from somewhere years ago, it still holds true, IMHO)

Need some projection help please.  I have a DEM file in *.adf format that I use to create a surface. I also have a deliverable of 3D polylines at elevation.  There's a shift between the two.  The projection information for the *.adf file is:
Projection: Lambert_Conformal_Conic
False_Easting: 2296583.33333333
False_Northing: 9842500.00000000
Central_Meridian: -100.33333333
Standard_Parallel_1: 30.11666667
Standard_Parallel_2: 31.88333333
Latitude_Of_Origin: 29.66666667
Linear Unit: Foot_US

Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_North_American_1983
Datum: D_North_American_1983
Prime Meridian: Greenwich
Angular Unit: Degree

The drawings are in State Plane: TX83-CF.  The shift isn't much, but I want to know what Civil 3D is doing that it creates the surface in a different location than the software that generated the *.adf file.  Does Civil 3D process surface files differently?  Does anyone know what Civil 3D's actual process is for generating surfaces from these types of files?

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These folks are looking for a designer, Austin, TX. 

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Anyone have a Civil 3D Release Comparison Matrix to share? Mine's outdated.

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Building my 2015 IDSP deployment. I always go through all the options. Surprisingly came across this.  Seriously?  Not sure I understand.

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Learned something new yesterday. Probably more the case of being reminded of something I used to know...

We have a couple of staff members who don't have Civil 3D but they need to view drawings from both internal sources and external submittals. I installed DWG TrueView and opened a Civil 3D drawing, and of course there are proxy objects that show up as boxes.  
I searched for an OE or some other solution, nada. So I emailed my reseller, knowing he had a few more resources than I. He came up with an Autodesk Knowledge Base post. Now, why did my search not come up with that? Go figure... Thanks Jason Porter @ Enceptia  (Short answer: make sure the drawing is saved with PROXYGRAPHICS=1) Worked like a charm.
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