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Spoiled on Valentine's Day.... Well,
3 months later and we've survived the majority of winter here in
Minnesota.  Ironically, this winter has been oh so mild. Like seriously
though. I even think to myself sometimes, "I wouldn't mind if it snowed

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When Life Gives us Lemons
Well. I usually enjoy recapping my thoughts here, but lately I have been ignoring them, blatantly.  I have been overwhelmed with a sense of peace, and I have not been able to quite put it into words (in my head, let alone actual written ones).  Nevertheless...

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Peaches & Cream
We love to eat peaches and cream. It is so delicious.  Aaron introduced this to me, and Argentina introduced it to him.  It's a light kind of dessert that's got a great blend of simply delicious flavors..peaches...and cream.  Simple is a thing for us these ...

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Things are happening around here!
I feel like this summer we have been around the world and back again. Our newest addition to the passport book: Because if Barack goes there, we do too We have gotten to participate in so much, and I am so grateful.  We had so much fun, and now it is time f...

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$4, a Y decal shirt saving the day, and the worst thing ever to do in your *free time.....just rambles for a day*
We bought a $4 end table. FOUR. CUATRO. Ya, 4 bucks.  It's not even (that) crappy either. I'm satisfied. Like the kind you put at the end of your couch (if we ever have a couch).  Good dealy-o.  Now we are just hoping it doesn't break when we put something ...

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We did move and we are ready to admit it.
  Or should I say I am ready to admit it?     If we opened the back doors...well we just didn't open them. But let's just say we probably wouldn't be able to put everything back in the car if we tried to do this again.   Like seriously how did this all fit:...

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True Love.
If this isn't true love I don't know what is... and and....we have 2 other beds in the other room...completely empty.   He loves me. 

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( we forgot to take this one, thanks google! But it looks JUST like this!)  We got all the rest... 7 states later we arrived...yes, to the land of the cold! It's already cold here! It's like in the 70's during the day...and well cold at night.  And Y...

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11 days...and counting!
GRADUATION!   Aaron has 2 days of class left...woo!  I have been done with class since last semester, and finished up my internship a week ago. So, we've been ready for graduation for a while! My friend from work (BYU job) took some pics for us! (he's good,...

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A new year...
We went skiing.  Here's proof that Aaron could do it! Over the long break (aka 3 day weekend) we went to the Smith's to enjoy some good company and the lovely Monument Valley.  It was so much fun to get to spend time with Heather and Soryn, Becky and Nizhon...
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