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Coronation Day (วันฉัตรมงคล-wan chat-mong-kol). When the people of the Kingdom of Thailand, get the chance to pay their respects to “Their King”
When: Annually on the 5th May (Public Holiday) Due to the demise of the late King this day may be changed. Any Changes have to be made by the Thai Cabnet
Where: Grand Palace in Bangkok and Across the Country
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was the ninth King of the Chakri Dynasty and on the 5th May each year the people of this grateful nation celebrate their Kings coronation. While the King began his reign on the 9th June 1946 he was not crowned until the 5th May 1950. In doing so he was the first King of Thailand to have a coronation ceremony, prior to this there was a private function only attended by royalty and high ranking officials, the King chose to celebrate his crowning with his people and so became the first king to break with a centuries old tradition and have a public coronation.
The love and reverence the Thai people have for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the monarchy in general is often difficult for outsiders to fully comprehend, but it is there for all to witness in the faces of its people, when they come to pay their respects to “Their King” on this most special of days.
For more on what is really a 3 day event click here

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Picture of the Day- Threatening Clouds At Pinnacle Beach by William Alexander Reid #Backpacking#thailand

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Dino Illumination Festival 2017
When: 8th April -14th May 2017
Where: Garden Gate (Luminous Garden), Amphoe Muang, Khon Kaen
A festival of light and colour featuring a whole host of different shape lanterns such as butterfly and flower lanterns, plus a range of huge dinosaur lanterns, the like of which once roamed the area.
Enjoy performances and stage shows such as magic trick, balloon twisting, and contemporary performances every Saturday and Sunday throughout the event.
Contact www.เที่ยวอีสาน.com or TAT Khon Kaen office 0 4322 7714-6

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Gags from our Guests - #Backpacking#thailand

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National observances In Thailand
These observances are regulated by the government, but are not observed as holidays. Actual observance varies, and some are only observed by specific sectors.

25th April is King Naresuan Day วันสมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช (Wan Somdet Phra Naresuan Maharat).

Have you ever wondered why you see so many statues of roosters in Thailand? Their prevalence stems not from the cock fighting events, that occur across the Kingdom, but from folklore surrounding a legendary cock fight, in King Naresuan early life. The popular story goes something like this. After Siam’s capital Ayutthaya fell to a Burmese army in 1568-69, the young prince Naresuan was taken as hostage to the Burmese capital Hongsawadi (Pegu), while his father was appointed to rule Ayutthaya as a Burmese vassal.

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The Big Pride Week 2017
Phuket Pride is now a week long celebration with the goal of incorporating something for everyone, from sporting day events such as Beach Volleyball, Pool competition or a day out out on secluded Islands. Besides these daily activities, there are also a sit down Gala Dinner,Grand “Big Night Out” and on the last day, our Grand Parade. Throughout the week the owners of the gay bars in Soi Paradise also lay on special parties and shows.

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Chanthaburi Fruit Festival
Small Festivities across Thailand in May
When: 1st – 31st May 2017
Where: Chanthaburi City Eastern Thailand
Previously known as the ‘World Durian Festival’ the fair features competitions for the best decorated floats, featuring locally grown fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangos teen, Rakam and Sala zalaccas and varieties of santol
Plus there will be a vast array of stalls selling locally worked gems and jewellery along with other traditional handicrafts. The event also includes a beauty contest and demonstrations of traditional local music and dance.

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The meaning of Rocket Festivals in Thailand
Reaching for the sky in Thailand’s North East, where the people of Isan have their own way of communicating with the Spirits
While April is undoubtedly the month of Songkran, May in the Kingdom is the month of ‘Rockets’. These huge pyrotechnics are more the ‘WMD’ proportion than the fireworks that most of us would have encountered. They come in all shapes and sizes from the cylindrical to massive sky bound cartwheels that reach high into the day time sky and which in turn seem to get bigger and bigger each year.
Bun Bang Fai
Rocket Festivals (known as Bun Bang Fai) are indigenous to the Isan region and take place throughout North East Thailand, prior to the start of the rainy season, during May-June, with the exact dates specific to each village.
This ancient festival is thought to have originated from neighbouring Lao, (while others say it came from Cambodia), and is believed to predate Buddhism; the festival is also widely believed to be a variant of fertility rites and an offering to the spirits, in particular to “Phaya Thaen”, the god of rain and Phosop the goddess of rice, to ask for both the much needed rain and a bountiful harvest.
Bringing together people from different villages
The event is usually of a communal nature, where local villages will produce at least one rocket, built by the people in the village. Traditionally bamboo is cut and dried, to be later decorated with bright coloured paper, which would in some cases mean the rockets would then be take on the appearance of dragons or even jet planes. Today’s rockets are more likely to be made from UPC.
Once carefully filled with gun powder they are carried to a staging .. see more at

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Quotes from our guests- Mic April 2017 #Backpacking#thailand

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Prachin Buri Agricultural Products Fair Small Festivities across Thailand in May
When: 1 May – 30 June 2017
Where: Muang Prachin Buri, Prachinburi
A traditional Thai agricultural fair where local farmers have the opportunity to show off the best vegetables, plants, and all manner of agricultural products, with contests for best in category. There is the almost obligatory beauty contest, an agricultural vehicle parade along with an army of people selling locally grown and hand made products along with farming demonstrations, local traditional dancers and musicians.
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