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The Washington State legislator responds....I got an email from Ed Orcutt... he apologized and then went on to justify the $25 tax on bikes costing more than $500...
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BRO! Can I run this on Bike Hugger? And this is legit, off your mail account, right? 
Yes, this was the email I got.. if you want I will forward you the actual email.
So wait, we pay taxes, taxes that go to pay for roads, but if we want cycling infrastructure, we should pay an additional tax on bikes to pay for cycling infrastructure? Oh, but only on bikes that cost more than $500...

Dear Mr. Orcutt,

Are you drunk or high? Which is it?

Sincerely, Cyclists.
+Alan Stanley excellent! Going to post, no doubt from me, just making sure.
last i checked i pay taxes... so do all the other cyclists that i know.
I'll link that in the post.
Ha! Didn't I already pay sales tax on the purchase of my bicycle? 
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