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It is an auspicious time to honor that which seems as an ending in your life. Accept, connect with your courage and be willing to focus on the most amazing beginning that is about to happen... Believe... 

Happy blood moon-lunar eclipse dear friends! ♥︎

“Your dream is on the making, my dear. It is a beautiful creation that of yours. Don’t despair, the end is almost here, it will come as the most amazing beginning. You have earned it and we are proud of you…”
For more on endings and beginnings, visit

#HealThruWords #HappySunday #HappyBloodMoon #SuperMoon #LunarEclipse #BloodMoon #HarvestMoon
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Time to laugh out loud and this Mama and her babies!
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#BlueMoon   Happy Blue Moon everyone - July 31, 2015 in the USA - not another Blue Moon (the second full moon in the same month) until 2018
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The blue moon is a lie, its july 31 where I live and its night, there is no blue moon, its fake
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How is your Spiritual Independence coming along?
Some of us think money brings independence. Do you believe money brings happiness? If so, ask yourself if who the happiest people you know are wealthy?
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I have always LOVED #PLUTO  It is the great cleanser. Yes, transits of Pluto in an astrology chart are always painful, but most survive feeling more clarity, less emotional baggage. I am thrilled that we now have close-up photographs of Pluto. Have you see the HEART on the surface?  What is your personal experience with a powerful Pluto transit?
This view is dominated by the large, bright feature informally named the “heart,” which measures approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) across.
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#Jussta     I have very seldom been on social media because I have been editing my memoirs.  I now have 4 published in paperback and KINDLE available on - I am now editing the fifth memoir.   #LandBeyondGoodbye   which is actually Part IV in the series of my memoirs!
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Beautiful viewing of the #SuperMoon   - #Eclipse   #BloodMoon  
The Super Moon was so beautiful. It was clear viewing here. The Moon rise and there was also partial eclipse right away. I am attaching one of the Blood Moon and one of the early eclipse as the Moon began rising. Comments. You must be logged in to comment. previous | next ...
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Yes, INDEED, this is me #JUSSTA - #PaperbackWriter  
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My ‪#Jussta‬ August article is live online at ‪#‎BellespritMagazine‬ "The question is, “How do we raise our consciousness?” The next question: “Is our consciousness raised of our own volition, or is it somehow triggered? If so, what triggers a heightened consciousness?”
In my own experience, I discovered that major challenges in my life forced a different perspective. Major injuries, illness, death, family, marriage, divorce, travel, new relationships, old relationships that suddenly no longer satisfy – all or some, serve as impetus to raise consciousness.
How do we know if we are operating on illusion, delusion, reality, or truth? We do not know until we make a shift in our perspective. Suddenly, it is as though a fog has lifted. Usually, however, only a bit of the fog has lifted. We are surprised and amazed at what we now see and realize about ourselves." Much more at link!
Neptune rules illusions, delusions, reality, and truth.
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‪#‎NORTHFIRE‬ Truly bizarre. A 500 acre wildfire jumped the 15 Freeway near the 138 Freeway on the El Cajon Pass on the way to Vegas. I have watched NINE cars and now a huge tractor trailer catch fire and burn! Hundreds of vehicles are backed up, people evacuated their cars and are standing far back on the freeway where none of the cars caught fire when the fire jumped the freeway. Please join me in wrapping the entire area, the fire, and all those people stranded in love, light, and blessings! 
Watch live streaming video on and stay up-to-date with the latest KABC news broadcasts as well as live breaking news whenever it happens.
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Happy #4thofJuly  Here is a photo I took a few years ago of an Oceanside Fire Department Open House.  Can you see the Fireman on the ladder?  © 2015 Jussta All Rights Reserved 
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Cool pic... massive flag!

(but no, I don't see the fireman :))
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My July article is now available in ‪#BellespritMagazine‬. #Jussta  

“Aim at the sun, you may not reach it, but you will fly higher than if you had never aimed at all.” ~ Author Unknown
We often wish for things to be easier, to not have to endure challenges and upsets in our lives. Some of us think money brings independence. Do you believe money brings happiness? If so, ask yourself if who the happiest people you know are wealthy?
Do you need money to be yourself? Do you need independence to be all you can be? Often, we indulge in wishful thinking. We live in coulda, woulda, shouldas. Or get a terrible case of ‘what ifs’. It is all too easy to believe if we had made one different decision; our entire life would be different. We have regrets. We may not express them aloud. Instead, we may fall into depression wishing for a different present." More at link.
Everything has a price. As the title of one of my memoirs, Money, Deeds, or Sorrow – Part II of Journey of a Soul states, “We pay for everything in money, deeds, or sorrow!” Indeed, we do. We pay according to karmic law, which states that which we give forth, we will receive in return multiplied many times. This reckoning may be in our current physical lifetime, or over many previous reincarnations.
Some of us think money brings independence. Do you believe money brings happiness? If so, ask yourself if who the happiest people you know are wealthy?
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & Fire on their Spirit Tour. I was a paid assignment photographer for magazines. I taught firewalking in Australia for two years, as well as, firewalk leadership training to students from around the world. I am an artist, photographer, writer, spiritual activist, and Earth Empath & Sensitive, I do Shamanic work, Psychometry, psychic readings and life counseling. I also do exorcisms.,
I am an renaissance woman, a visionary, a writer, photographer, an artist painting with oils and acrylics. I create Power Totem design accessories. I am an Environmentalist and a Spiritual Activist. I am a psychic, psychometrist, Exorcist, and I do Shamanic work.
Proficient on computer, Final Draft Screenwriting Software, Photography for 38 years, including professional photographer for magazines.
  • Self Employed
    Writer -Photographer -Artist -Public Speaker, 1978 - present
    Motivational, inspirational public speaker on a variety of subjects, including Business Management.
  • CBS
    Program Practices
  • International Firewalking Association
    CEO, 1992 - 1994
    Taught firewalking to thousands of people in Malibu, Los Angeles and then for 2 years in Australia all over the country. I also conducted FLITE (Firewalk Leadership, Intensive Training & Empowerment which were 9-day residential intensives in various parts of Australia while also leading Vision Quests, teaching Native American Drum & Rattle Making, leading Sacred Sweat Lodges for my students. Public Speaking, interviewed on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) and on various radio stations all over the country. Did charity work for Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia.
  • Idle Id, Inc. Iron-Ons
    Entrepreneur Owner, 1970 - 1975
    I was one of the pioneers in Iron-Ons that you apply to T-shirts. I was the first person to hold 5 colors in register on an iron-on. I also designed and patented a dryer for the iron-ons. I had over 600 copyrighted designs.
  • Producer of Videos on Fine Artists
    Videographer/Producer, 1986 - 1990
    I featured fine artists in Taos, New Mexico such as Ila McAfee, R.C.Gorman, Ourey Meyers, Catherine Fels, Eugene Dobos, and many others.
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire
    Tour Photographer -Spirit Tour
  • Psychometry
  • Psychic Readings
    Psychic Intuitive
  • Business Management
  • Computer Consultant
  • Producer & Host Cable TV
    Jussta of Hollywood, Jussta of Taos, Jussta Presents, 1987 - 1990
    A half-hour television talk show with a variety of guests - as well as, talking head on philosophy, health, & empowerment.
  • Kit Carson Films - Carmel, CA
    Business Management Consultant, 1984 - 1984
    Interviewed all employees, including owner and managing staff. Did systems analysis on various systems and logistics of fulfilling orders. Wrote an extensive report making recommendations for employee job changes within the company, streamlining systems and logistics.
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years ...

I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & F

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I have known Milo and his sons for many years. They are very conscientious and professional and always please their customers.
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