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#Indigogo   My dear long-time, award winning film maker, +Greg McGee wants to do a documentary on  my life. Here is an excerpt from the campaign. Click on the link for details.
"Short Summary
Jussta is a prolific writer, the cornerstone of her writing a series of five autobiographical books entitled Journey of a Soul.  She wrote each of them shortly after the time of her experiences.  But, feeling that her transition was near, she rewrote, edited and published all five memoirs in ONE YEAR:  2015 .  They are available in paperback and Kindle on
Many women have led interesting lives, but few compare to Jussta.  On Good Friday In 1962, she was in a near fatal car and actually died on the operating table.  This was her first encounter with “The White Light,”  there to guide her to the next plane of being. Jussta resisted, pleading with The White Light for additional time on earth.  Jussta promised to 'do anything' in exchange for additional life.  The White Light agreed, without telling her what was expected of her to fulfill the promise.  The White Light assured her, "You will know. "
 Jussta's survived, ever after referring to her experience, with a bit of irony, as my resurrection on Easter Sunday.  When she told her surgeon about her experience, or “dream” as she called it at the time, tears ran down his face.  He revealed that she had actually died on the operating table.  It was no dream.
Soon after, she developed retrograde amnesia, forgetting the promise to The White Light for 13 years. Then, as series of traumas revolving around April Fool's Day demolished her life, unexplainable events occurred. Her First Holy Communion Certificate was teleported on April Fool's Day from where it was stored miles away.  Reading it she discovered that her First Holy Communion was on April Fool's Day in 1951!
Vivid recollections her near death experience brought her face to face with the promise made to the White Light.  The trauma she was going through was a sign.
April Fools and the digits of the day 147 were 'Divine Signs' from The White Light.  And, this wasn’t a “one off.”  Guidance in the form of ‘signs” or embedded messages from the voices of friends or various forms of media began, and continue even to the present.
Jussta has been declared medically 'dead' several times on the operating table.  Each time, she encounters The White Light, each time receiving more information. Once, she flat-lined for 13 minutes and 32 seconds.  The White Light gave her the gift of "amazing recuperative powers."  Her medical doctors call her a 'walking medical miracle''.  On another occasion, The White Light promised her, "You will be richly rewarded, generously provided for, and totally healed."
Without doubt or question, since 1975, Jussta has followed the Divine Signs, which led her on journeys around the world, alone,  for a more than a decade, She's enjoyed 14 different careers, over a hundred addresses, and the honor of teaching and inspiring people around the world.  When a Divine Sign appears, it guides her to begin or close an adventure, jussta ‘nother leg in the "Journey of A Soul."  She’s traveled the world completing Karma with thousands of people, knowing full well that her purpose is  to be an inspiration and a blessing to all she encounters.
In a life filled with adventure, wealth, failure, medical challenges, and tragedy she has never wavered from optimism, faith and a guiding belief in the benevolent spiritual universe, one that is beyond the comprehension of humanity.
I highly recommend you visit her web site,, and look through some of her essays. In addition, I suggest you read some of her memoirs available online from her website or through
Prepare to be stunned.  She takes you through experiences that defy comprehension. You just cannot make this stuff up! It is beyond fantastic.
What We Need & What You Get
Jussta's time of passage from this planet is growing near. She is in constant pain from a litany of ailments, including mini-strokes, severe spinal and hip problems.  Her health is waning fast. The White Light is whispering her remaining time on earth is brief.
Cutting to the practical aspects, I want to conduct a series of one-on-one interviews with Jussta to record her final thoughts, and to pose some questions to her that I know will be enlightening. Jussta and I have been friends since the early 1990's. Our spiritual paths have been very different, yet we always found ways to suspend judgment of each other’s choices, revel in our discoveries, laugh at our errors and foibles, and be amazed at the similarities of what we've discovered, even as we've travelled in opposite directions.
I am a professional director, camera operator, writer, and producer, with over 20 years of experience in production at all levels, from one man/one camera productions, to full scale feature films with 100 man crews. You can see my resume and samples at
I own an HD camera and Tripod, a Digital Recorder that are ideal for this type of production.  I also have an iMac, with all the software and hard drives needed for video post-production. 
I will need to purchase or rent a portable light kit and lavaliere microphones.
The biggest expense will be to GET THERE.  I live in Austin, Texas and Jussta lives in Oceanside, California.  
I intend to spread the interviews out over a 1 week period, to be considerate of her condition."
Jussta's health is waning, and her time of passing is imminent. But, she still has a lot to say. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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I do not know if this is available on Google+ - but it is an option on Facebook.  I did not know this option was available, thanks to Carol Jokinen for messaging me with the information. "My Legacy Contact
A legacy contact is someone you choose to manage your account after you pass away. They'll be able to do things like pin a post on your Timeline, respond to new friend requests, and update your profile picture. They won't post as you or see your messages" I took care of it immediately. I chose my long-time friend, Greg McGee.

 I suggest  sharing this so others are aware of this option. You find the option under 'Settings'. No matter your age, things happen and I am certain your friends want to know when you pass.
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Shared publicly  -  I am featured on the cover and an article for True Stories.  Please share!
During my visit with Jussta, I found out she wears so many hats. She is an artist, photographer, writer, spiritual activist, an Earth Empath and Sensitive.
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#Jussta‬   #BellespritMagazine    I am honored to be on the cover and a feature article with many of my photographs this month in the April Issue. Please share and forward the link to the article with friends. Thank you, Belle and Gina. You did a wonderful job and I want you to know I appreciate your kindness and an outlet for all Spiritual matters. Namaste` (The divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.)
Featuring many columnists who are experts in their field, Bellésprit Magazine has a little bit of something for everyone,
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#WalkForAnimals‬ Saturday February 20, 2016 Event Location

The Walk is located in Escondido at Kit Carson Park

3333 Bear Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA 92025
Inspire Compassion
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Please join me for outstanding energy healing beginning NOW as soon as you join until 6-7 pm on February 20, 2016 "FREE DISTANT HEALING. Powerful Qigong energy healing this week- Worldwide. Thousands of happy people have posted how it helps relieve pain, stress, illness and enhances health and well being. The energy works on all levels, mental, physical and emotional. You can live anywhere to receive and is very easy to join.
You don't even have to attend to see great results. Just spend a few minutes reading the instructions, link below. You can begin to receive healing energy soon after reading the instructions as many people on the wall have previously posted.
Please tell your friends. These sessions have helped many all over the world and people can use a lot of healing now. Join the page to get notices of future free sessions. The best way to show your gratitude is to let others know so they can also benefit and telling others can enhance your healing because we are all connected.
Blog Link for Instructions:
There will not be a separate event page for this event.
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#FullMoon Spooky Full Moon! I captured the recent Full Moon as it slipped between clouds. 
Camera Used: FUJIFILM FinePix S4250/Walmart Exposure Time: 10/80. Aperture: f/5.3. ISO: 800. Date Taken: 2016:01:23 18:00:46. More images. Details: Spooky Full Moon! I captured the recent Full Moon as it slipped between clouds. Comments. You must be logged in to comment. 2 thumbs up ...
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Archive is now available to purchase a PDF of the issue featuring me on the cover and a long well-written article #BellespritMagazine   You can now purchase the PDF of this issue for only $1.99
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You all know I believe in miracles and have experienced so many I have lost count. My health is taking serious downturns. I cannot walk without the Rollator. My short-term memory is somewhere other than in my consciousness. I feel as though most of my Spirit is in other realms and a portion of me is still here hanging on by a thread.
Severe pain along with jolting nerve and muscle spasms down my left leg bring me back into the physical, but only briefly. Heavy pain medication and Valium are helping for short-periods of time. The MRI with and without contrast at Scripps Memorial Hospital revealed a long list of serious issues with my spine and my hips. My Orthopedic Surgeon looked at the DVDs of the MRIs and told me to forget about my hips, spinal issues are priorities. Turns out, my Orthopedic Surgeon was a resident with the Spinal Surgeon I see on May 25 - so it is meant to be.
I have been getting undeniable messages from The White Light for the past year and so I KNOW the time of my transition is coming near. I thought I wanted to write a couple more memoirs to bring my life experiences up-to-date - but then I laugh when I read the last line of ‪‎#TheLandBeyondGoodbye‬ which says. "Okay. What now God?" I do believe my question has been answered. smile emoticon
I am a firm believer in 'quality of life' and I do not want to settle for anything less. The Brain MRI on April 7, 2016 revealed 14 to 16 TIA (mini strokes), now the MRIs of my Spine and my Hips on April 29, 2016 reveal extremely serious multiple issues.This is not how I see myself spending my senior years. If The White Light chooses major miracles, I accept the miracles with grace and gratitude. I also believe that the death of the physical body is healing. I still have no specific deadline, miracles abound - I will not refer to this again - My job is to be an inspiration and a blessing to all I encounter whether in person or virtually.
IF it is time for my transition, obviously I have fulfilled my promise to The White Light. As I have posted before, I am donating my body to SDSU - they will discover it a treasure of how so many injuries, surgeries have healed. I made it clear that my main reason for donating my body is medical proof of the effects of silicone in every part of the human body. The woman agreed and this is part of my record on the donation. I have emailed SDSU lists of my medical issues, and have DVDs, X-Rays and tests since that time to keep it all current.I believe that even in death, we may continue to serve. After a donated body has completed the use, once a year SDSU holds a memorial service for all the donated bodies completed that year. What remains of the bodies are cremated and there is a ceremony of burial at sea.
I do not know what to expect for comments to this post - I am certain what I have said here will push many 'buttons' and bring up many issues on the subject for many, if not everyone. All I expect is understanding, compassion, prayers and peace.
Blessings Be, In love, light, and blessings, Jussta.
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My March Article in ‪#‎BellespritMagazine‬ Here is an excerpt. More at link!
"I now have five memoirs published, all within one year, available in paperback and Kindle. After editing and formatting, I did not read any of them in their entirety until recently. I opened The Land Beyond Goodbye memoir of my traveling adventures around the world. I was truly surprised as I read the Prologue. Questions filled my thoughts. Did I actually write this? I know the words are all true as I experienced them. Yet, I was extremely amazed – reading my own words, I felt as though this memoir was written ‘through me’.
When I looked at my first slide photographs of Earth, Wind, & Fire in concert as tour photographer on their Spirit Tour, I had that same exact feeling! Again, I felt these photographs were ‘taken through me’.
Were these unacknowledged talents or was it the source of my higher power? I do this often in my life whenever I am creating – whether it be a driftwood lamp, a painting on canvas, a photograph, my Jussta Jackets in which every stitch is a one word prayer, or the words in my memoirs and how well I have expressed myself. Have you also experienced this when expressing your creativity? Do you feel that your talents come through you as I do?"…/
“If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there” Alice in Wonderland ~ Lewis Carroll
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It truly takes courage to love again once one's heart has been broken.  Ah, but it is truly worth the risk!
February is traditionally the month of love. We celebrate Valentine's Day to share with our loved one. What if, instead – we celebrated love every day of the year?
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My February article in #BellespritMagazine. An excerpt:
"Compassion and empathy also take courage. Love requires courage. Trust takes courage, not only trusting others, we need to trust ourselves. It is an odd question, but do you trust your body to recover from illness or injury, to function filled with health. Do you love your body enough to make healthy choices in food, exercise, rest and refresh your mind while eliminating worry? Too often, we forget to honor the gift of each and every day of our life."
February is traditionally the month of love. We celebrate Valentine's Day to share with our loved one. What if, instead – we celebrated love every day of the year?
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & Fire on their Spirit Tour. I was a paid assignment photographer for magazines. I taught firewalking in Australia for two years, as well as, firewalk leadership training to students from around the world. I am an artist, photographer, writer, spiritual activist, and Earth Empath & Sensitive, I do Shamanic work, Psychometry, psychic readings and life counseling. I also do exorcisms.,
I am an renaissance woman, a visionary, a writer, photographer, an artist painting with oils and acrylics. I create Power Totem design accessories. I am an Environmentalist and a Spiritual Activist. I am a psychic, psychometrist, Exorcist, and I do Shamanic work.
Proficient on computer, Final Draft Screenwriting Software, Photography for 38 years, including professional photographer for magazines.
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    I was one of the pioneers in Iron-Ons that you apply to T-shirts. I was the first person to hold 5 colors in register on an iron-on. I also designed and patented a dryer for the iron-ons. I had over 600 copyrighted designs.
  • Producer of Videos on Fine Artists
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    Jussta of Hollywood, Jussta of Taos, Jussta Presents, 1987 - 1990
    A half-hour television talk show with a variety of guests - as well as, talking head on philosophy, health, & empowerment.
  • Kit Carson Films - Carmel, CA
    Business Management Consultant, 1984 - 1984
    Interviewed all employees, including owner and managing staff. Did systems analysis on various systems and logistics of fulfilling orders. Wrote an extensive report making recommendations for employee job changes within the company, streamlining systems and logistics.
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A chemist who claimed he could treat cancer with alternative medicine scammed a Thousand Oaks mother out of thousands of dollars. In a searc

Jussta Jussta sold a 14.00" x 9.88" print on!

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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years ...

I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & F

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I have known Milo and his sons for many years. They are very conscientious and professional and always please their customers.
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