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I continue to be amazed at the detail of my Ancestry Report from National Geographic - genographic. Read all about it - all 140,000 years of my ancestral background.


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Do NOt miss taking a "Moon Bath" tonight. "Tonight – October 15, 2016 – the Northern Hemisphere’s full Hunter’s Moon ushers in the first of this year’s three full-moon supermoons, that is, full moons near perigee, or the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month. The November and December full moons will qualify as supermoons, too.
The image at top shows a micro-moon (small full moon) superimposed on supermoon (large full moon). This image – an Astronomy Picture of the Day – is from Stefano Sciarpetti."
The full moon on October 15-16 is the Northern Hemisphere's Hunter's Moon. It also ushers in the 1st of 3 full-moon supermoons in 2016.


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Posted a long time ago. "Don't let your won't power, overcome your will power!" Jussta Thought - Journey Of A Soul - Miracles From The Fire


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#earthquakeadvisory Next 4 Days Southern California urgent be aware GO BAG Drill be informed NO JOKE issued by Usgs effect I've thru October 4! 


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I stumbled upon this site. As some of you may have noticed, I am going through major health challenges. I find this a valuable resource for reading reviews about urgent care, hospitals, doctors, specialists. You can believe or not believe the 5 star reviews when all the others for Tri-City Medical Center Hospital are truly frightening to read! No wonder my intuition screams at me NO TRI-CITY! Read some of them and weep over the callous treatment, the filthy facility. I am certain there are kind, caring, compassionate nurses and ER doctors - but from the reviews I read, the entire staff of the ER is overwhelmed, and hardened by their leadership not caring enough to clean off walls or even a bathroom. Blessings Be!
Vitals helps you find the right doctor at the right time by empowering the patient with powerful tools needed to make informed healthcare decisions. Learn more about us.


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I am sharing my Soul's Journey after one traumatic event after another both physically injured, emotionally, abused. Everything, including failing health rapid onset beginning about last November. (I had 14-16 Mini Strokes, diagnosed in May 2016). NO, I am not paralyzed, nor are there obvious physical signs. Believe me, there are brain symptoms.

I do this knowing that it touches others who have suffered, survived. Please do NOT feel sorry for me. This is my total healing! No matter the appearances.
I am being guided by The White Light that this is part of fulfilling my promises - but also the promises made TO ME by The White Light - so all of my dear, sweet friends, please NO PITY, NO SADNESS, CELEBRATE my strength, courage, determination to go through this and experience every moment, including the flashbacks. I know, I know in my heart, it is time for me to be completely healed -- appearances are truly deceiving in any experience, they are all blessings for the soul's evolution, transformation, and to transcend your Higher Self to the next level. I feel like everything happens so FAST, Quantum Speed, as though I am working from the etheric level - My soul is the witness, my physical body is the vehicle. Hallelujah! 


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I promise, I am never boring in my posts - you will very likely relate!


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Truly mind-boggling details. So worth participating in this. I am also going to contribute my Ancestry Information to their continuing scientific database and update with what I know of my maternal and paternal parents, all the information I can and know. I highly recommend you participate. This was the most wonderful Christmas present to myself ever!
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Buyer BEWARE - Especially disabled seniors or those with Alzheimer's or Dementia. I do not have either, but I am a major fall risk. I wrote this review today.
"I had the worst experience with Great Call. I ordered it after our local Channel 7 NBC News featured Great Call receiving a million dollar grant to give 100 Alzheimer's patients a free Lively Alert device I am a major fall risk and thought the Fall alert would be perfect for me. Instead, I discovered the device constantly needed to be charged and I would receive an alert that the Fall Risk was 'shutting down'. Even though it was not revealed that the device needed to be charged overnight (which was a terrible problem since most falls do occur at night. I would charge the device overnight, put the device on with the lanyard and within two hours or less, the device would turn RED indicating it needed recharging AGAIN! I was told by one of the technicians that this was because of the option for FALL DETECTION which used up more battery. In addition, I was NEVER ABLE to ACCESS portal to enter information because the SERVER was repeated down according to the technician. I spent several hours with different technicians trying everything to access the SERVER with NO RESULT. After attempting to use this medical alert device beginning on September 22, 2016, and UNABLE to use it 90% of the time, I became disgusted and realized I was better off pinning a whistle to my clothing rather than using this totally unreliable device. On October 1, 2016, I telephoned 'friendly customer service' and spoke with Nicholas in customer service. I told him I wanted a Return Authorization, I did not want a replacement which he kept insisting upon. I told him I DID NOT WANT A REPLACEMENT DEVICE because I did not trust the GREAT CALL. He began YELLING AT ME, ARGUING WITH ME, that he would cancel my account and I would NOT RECEIVE ANY REFUND. I told him ABSOLUTELY NOT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT and requested being transferred to a supervisor. He continue to yell at me which I found utterly emotionally devastating. Finally, he said he would transfer me to a supervisor. After being on hold for 20 minutes and 8 seconds I was transferred to Robert (Supervisor in Reno Office) who showed absolutely NO COMPASSION OR UNDERSTANDING of my frustration and disappointment in a device that I could not use 90% of the time and would not alert if I did suffer a fall from suffering strokes in my Thalamus. Robert informed me that there would be a 10% RESTOCKING FEE. I told him how could they possibly charge a 10% restocking fee for a defective device. Robert also told me that if the return department found the device was NOT DEFECTIVE I would receive NO REFUND. I realized then that the Return Department could find the Device NOT DEFECTIVE no matter my experience with it for Great Call to avoid refunding my monthly fee of $19.99 per month and the initial charge of $75.34. along with the $38.93 charge to my credit card before I received the device. I suffer from Severe Post Traumatic Disorder and I was devastated by this type of treatment, no compassion, NO FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE as advertised in the enclosed information. NO notification that this device needed to be charged overnight, every night prior to purchasing it. In addition, when calling customer service, there is always an announcement that there is more telephone traffic then usual and it is better to telephone on Tuesday thru Thursday evening from 5-9 pm Pacific Time. There is always a very long wait time even when I have telephoned during the recommended lighter call time. The SERVER has NOT ONCE been accessible with each different technician informing me they would report the SERVER down and I would be telephoned the next day to confirm the SERVER was now operating properly. I never received a telephone call informing me the SERVER was working. Message: "We are experiencing greater than normal telephone traffic. A representative will be with you shortly." Which NEVER happens. April 1, 2016 only receives updates via website, or via FAX. I resorted to faxing the form entitled: "5 Star Personal Emergency Profile (PEP) form. I had to go to a postal annex and pay $3.00 to FAX the form. on September 24, 2016 Diana added basic info to my account because "the server was down". I have never been able to access to send an invite to the person that has my Health Directive and Power of Attorney to download the link to access my portal, nor another person that I am adding to my Health Directive and Power of Attorney. This was the WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER SUFFERED DEALING WITH A TOTALLY ABUSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE from any company - ever. I was given an address to return the device and literature to their return department. I misplaced the address to return the device, charger and literature to because I was so distraught. I am now on hold for customer service to get the address to return this defective merchandise to. I have already been on hold for 12 minutes and 13 seconds and it is after 5:00 pm on a Thursday evening - their recommended time when telephone traffic is much lighter. So even that is not correct information! In the past I have been on hold to speak with a customer for up to 22 minutes. I finally got through to customer service to get the return authorization address for Great Call because I was so emotionally upset I could not find the address I wrote it on. I now have it after being on the phone for 18 minutes and 30 seconds. I have photographed everything I am returning. I have disputed all payments to Great Call with my credit card company simply because I do NOT trust this company. I do not wish to give my account number, I have had enough emotional abuse from Great Call. My heart goes out to other customers, especially those with Alzheimer's who seem to want to ambulate in the middle of the night. When they are 'Sundowning' they certainly are not going to stop and put on the Great Call device with the GPS feature so everyone BEWARE.


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Love this - great to follow, very uplifting.
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I respect, LOVE and admire Bernie Sanders - he did not win the nomination and I appreciate his grace in accepting the damaging release of DNC emails favoring Hillary Clinton - which have been shown to have been hacked by Russia and now we must NOT allow Trump to be elected. Please join me in voting +Hillary Clinton. Show respect. She will find the perfect position in her cabinet or government advisers for Bernie Sanders. He WILL BE INCLUDED, HEARD, CONSULTED!
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+Jussta I appreciate you appreciating other opinions. But please don't ask me to respect or support open corruption and lies. Thanks.
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & Fire on their Spirit Tour. I was a paid assignment photographer for magazines. I taught firewalking in Australia for two years, as well as, firewalk leadership training to students from around the world. I am an artist, photographer, writer, spiritual activist, and Earth Empath & Sensitive, I do Shamanic work, Psychometry, psychic readings and life counseling. I also do exorcisms.,
I am an renaissance woman, a visionary, a writer, photographer, an artist painting with oils and acrylics. I create Power Totem design accessories. I am an Environmentalist and a Spiritual Warrior. I am an earth empath,  psychic, psychometrist,, and I do Shamanic work.
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Author of 5 Memoirs, series entitled JOURNEY OF A SOUL in paperback and KINDLE on Screenwriter for television series entitled "The Promise"
Proficient on computer, Final Draft Screenwriting Software, Photography for 38 years, including professional photographer for magazines.
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    Writer -Photographer -Artist -Public Speaker, 1978 - present
    Motivational, inspirational public speaker on a variety of subjects, including Business Management.
  • CBS
    Program Practices, present
  • International Firewalking Association
    CEO, 1992 - 1994
    Taught firewalking to thousands of people in Malibu, Los Angeles and then for 2 years in Australia all over the country. I also conducted FLITE (Firewalk Leadership, Intensive Training & Empowerment which were 9-day residential intensives in various parts of Australia while also leading Vision Quests, teaching Native American Drum & Rattle Making, leading Sacred Sweat Lodges for my students. Public Speaking, interviewed on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) and on various radio stations all over the country. Did charity work for Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia.
  • Idle Id, Inc. Iron-Ons
    Entrepreneur Owner, 1970 - 1975
    I was one of the pioneers in Iron-Ons that you apply to T-shirts. I was the first person to hold 5 colors in register on an iron-on. I also designed and patented a dryer for the iron-ons. I had over 600 copyrighted designs.
  • Producer of Videos on Fine Artists
    Videographer/Producer, 1986 - 1990
    I featured fine artists in Taos, New Mexico such as Ila McAfee, R.C.Gorman, Ourey Meyers, Catherine Fels, Eugene Dobos, and many others.
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire
    Tour Photographer -Spirit Tour, present
  • Psychometry
    Psychic, present
  • Psychic Readings
    Earth Empath, 1978 - present
  • Business Management
    Consultant, 1981 - present
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    Consultant, 1992 - present
  • Producer & Host Cable TV
    Jussta of Hollywood, Jussta of Taos, Jussta Presents, 1987 - 1990
    A half-hour television talk show with a variety of guests - as well as, talking head on philosophy, health, & empowerment.
  • Kit Carson Films - Carmel, CA
    Business Management Consultant, 1984 - 2001
    Interviewed all employees, including owner and managing staff. Did systems analysis on various systems and logistics of fulfilling orders. Wrote an extensive report making recommendations for employee job changes within the company, streamlining systems and logistics.
  • Good Feet Sture Dana Point Ca
    computer & business consultant, 2001 - present
    Purchase computer setup barcode system for inventory & retail sales, train owner computer & barcode use. write SOP Manuels, telephone support.
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years ...

I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & F

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I have known Milo and his sons for many years. They are very conscientious and professional and always please their customers.
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