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So happy to have a sale of George Benson in concert!  More on my site at #FineArtAmerica  
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#MercuryRetrograde  "How to Use the 2015 Mercury Retrograde Calendar
The calendar highlights the significant phases of Mercury Retrograde using different colors:

The Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow phase is shown in blue, with violet indicating where the effect tends to be felt more strongly.

The Mercury Retrograde phase is shown in light red, with the time that Mercury is in Retrograde Station indicated in dark red. During the retrograde phase, a darker color is used to highlight the time when Mercury is moving more slowly and when its effect tends to be felt more strongly.

The Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow phase is shown in brown. The Mercury Direct Station, as Mercury stops its retrograde motions and is about to move forwards again, is indicated in dark brown. While Mercury is still moving slowly and has not speeded up, the effect of this phase tens to be felt more strongly and is indicated with a darker color."
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#Nepal   #Earthquake   Another very major earthquake.  So far at least 50 dead and many missing.  One dead in Tibet and more deaths in India.  Please keep the entire area in love, light, and blessings.
A Camp Pendleton Huey Helicopter is missing in Nepal!

 I have not been online because of major sensing! My weak area is obviously my hips - I was about to telephone my Orthopedic surgeon and agree to the left hip replacement, I was suddenly in intense pain which lifted this morning.
M7.4 - NEPAL
Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.4 
Date-Time 12 May 2015 07:05:19 UTC 
12 May 2015 12:50:20 near epicenter 
11 May 2015 23:05:19 standard time in your timezone
Location 27.843N 86.153E 
Depth 18 km 
Distances 22 km (14 mi) SE of Zham, China
66 km (41 mi) ENE of Banepa, Nepal
69 km (43 mi) ENE of Panaoti, Nepal
83 km (51 mi) E of Kathmandu, Nepal
84 km (52 mi) ENE of Patan, Nepal
Location Uncertainty Horizontal: 6.4 km; Vertical 4.1 km 
Parameters Nph = 198; Dmin = 66.3 km; Rmss = 0.89 seconds; Gp = 25°
Version = 
Event ID us 20002ejl
For updates, maps, and technical information, see: Event Page or USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
EXCLUSIVE: Asha Shrestha (pictured) was in labour before the earthquake struck this morning, killing dozens and sending thousands more rushing out in to the streets of the capital Kathmandu.
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This is an excerpt from my other article in the May 2015 issue of #BellespritMagazine‬   #Jussta   - more at link!
"We use various methods of coping, such as structuring our daily lives into a routine, behavior that is accepted by others, agreeing with relatives or friends even though deep-down we adamantly disagree – all so we will be loved, liked and not thought of as a fool.
Oh, there are many myths and legends to support planning our lives when in actuality the most memorable moments or days in our life were the unplanned!
When we change our routine and visit a different store, or take another route, and meet the love of our lives, or when we take a last-minute vacation alone to a foreign country and realize this is where you need to be and want to live.
Most shun spontaneity – yet this is the spice of life!
“A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway.” ~ Christopher Reeve"
April began with April Fool's Day, which is usually concerned with pranks - sending someone on a quest for something they already had or did not need. So it is with a hero.
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Jussta's Earth Empath Fan Page
58 mins · #Nepal   #Earthquake   #earthquakeinnepal  
   - Over 7,500 deaths so far and over 14,000 injured. Please keep wrapping them in prayers! This IS why the Nepal Earthquake was so large - Kathmandu is directly above the fault line - the one in Nepal slams into the China fault line and the China plate moves UNDER the Nepal fault line! Here is some historical information.
"Two super-fast conveyor belts of sinking crust explain why India set a continental speed record as it crashed into Eurasia, according to a new study.
The Indian Plate slammed into Eurasia 40 million years ago, raising the Himalayas and Mount Everest, the study's researchers explained. The new analysis suggests India raced toward the collision starting 80 million years ago because of two short subduction zones, one in front of the other, that emerged between the tectonic plates. The findings were published today (May 4) in the journal Nature Geoscience.
"The collision scenario between India and Eurasia is more complex and protracted than most people think," said the study's lead author, Oliver Jagoutz, a geologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts."
Two super-fast conveyor belts of sinking crust explain why India set a continental speed record as it crashed into Eurasia.
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Please send prayers - at least 19 killed on Mount Everest Avalanche - 3 Americans including a Google Executive - R,.I.P.
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+Jussta Fuck!
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#OilSlick #RefugioBeachCa how horrible - I have camped here and it was pristine!  Please wrap the area in love, light, and blessings.  Coast Guard chasing whales and their calves away - now spraying chemical dispersant - ACK!
Federal, state and local officials were responding to a 4-mile-wide oil slick that poured from a ruptured pipeline into the waters off Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara County on Tuesday. A pung...
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Jussta's Earth Empath Fan Page
Just now · 
‪#‎Auroras‬ ‪#‎Mars‬ "May 11, 2015: One day, when humans go to Mars, they might find that, occasionally, the Red Planet has green skies. 
In late Dec. 2014, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft detected evidence of widespread auroras in Mars's northern hemisphere. The "Christmas Lights," as researchers called them, circled the globe and descended so close to the Martian equator that, if the lights had occurred on Earth, they would have been over places like Florida and Texas.
"It really is amazing," says Nick Schneider who leads MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) instrument team at the University of Colorado. "Auroras on Mars appear to be more wide ranging than we ever imagined."…/science…/2015/11may_aurorasonmars/
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#JusstaAuthor  This is an excerpt from my author page on Amazon where I have published four of my memoirs.  They are available in paperback and Kindle!
"Jussta is the author of a series of autobiographical books entitled Journey of a Soul, which includes House of Wounded Hearts, Money, Deeds, or Sorrow, and Miracles from the Fire. She writes monthly articles on consciousness and empowerment for Bellesprit Magazine. Currently she is writing a screenplay for a television series based on her life, entitled, "The Promise".
In the early 1970s, Jussta opened a shop on the beach in Newport Beach called The Idle Id on a borrowed two-hundred and fifty dollars and merchandise on consignment. It was an overnight success, but with a limited budget, and bursting with ideas for beach clothing and prints on t-shirts, Jussta began designing Idle Id Iron-Ons, which evolved to her becoming one of the pioneers in silk-screening iron-ons. She had over 600 copyrighted iron-on designs that sold worldwide. Jussta was the first to open iron-on departments in a major department store on a national basis. The Idle Id was forced into bankruptcy by illegal accounting practices by the major department store. Jussta acted as her own attorney against this giant conglomerate and prevailed.
A renaissance woman, Jussta also worked as a legal assistant, a minister, a healer, founder and director of a photographic gallery & center for self-awareness, a master masseuse, and a professional photographer as tour photographer for Earthly Elements on their Spirit Tour. She photographed celebrities such as Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys, George Benson, Count Basie, The Emotions, LeVar Burton, and Patti LaBelle among many others. She was a paid assignment photographer for national magazines.
For over seven years, Jussta concentrated on the Entertainment Arts, producing, directing, and hosting her own television show on cable entitled, JUSSTA. She has also produced and hosted over one hundred thirty-minute television shows and twenty-two five minute meditation shorts. Simultaneously, she produced and hosted her own talk radio show, Jussta of Hollywood.
Jussta was also choreographer, associate producer and co-host on the television show, Soul Beat, interviewing many musical entertainers including Johnny Gill, The Gap Band, Hinton Battle, and comedian, Redd Foxx. She also presented her Jussta Creations of one-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry, accessories, and sandals which she created while living on Bali.
Combining her creative talent with her business acumen, Jussta has given seminars on Business Administration and Business Management in Hong Kong which were simultaneously translated into Mandarin and Cantonese to eighty-four PhDs.
She has also worked as a Business Management Consultant for The Church of Religious Science, Kit Parker Film Company, acclaimed studio and jazz musician, Chuck Domanico setting up computer accounting systems.
Jussta also did Business Management Consulting for LeVar Burton, one of the stars of the miniseries, Roots and host of Reading Rainbow, and a cast member of Star Trek television series. She also created a Standard Operating Procedural Manual for secretaries of CBS Television.
She was employed by NOW, (National Organization of Women), as well as working for the author of The Beverly Hills Diet and the President of the European Division of ICM, (International Creative Management), in their Beverly Hills office. Dennis Selinger who discovered and represented Peter Sellers, Michael Caine, David Niven, among others.
Jussta has conducted seminars in Brentwood, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and photographic exhibits of her work at international art galleries.
Jussta traveled the world alone for 14 years. She lived in Taiwan teaching English and doing public speaking, in Hong Kong she gave a two-day business seminar to 84 PhDs. While living on the island of Maui she created public slide shows put to music, (the forerunner of MTV), on Bali she designed one-of-a kind jewelry, clothing, shoes, and accessories. 
Jussta is also a healer. Performing Laying-On-Of-Hands healing for both the Balinese and ex-patriots from around the world; as well as, distance healing for international clients. She also performs exorcisms for children and adults of all ages.
In Monterey, California, she was the owner and operator of a photographic gallery, studio and Center for Self-Awareness where she also performed different types of healing massage and polarity therapy. She went on to study healing techniques with herbalists and masters the world over.
Jussta, an ordained Spiritual Minister. She was a guest minister in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico conducting Church services. 
Jussta's journey also included careers modeling, clothing & costume designer, a business management consultant, systems analyst, bed `n breakfast owner, a computer consultant, and television producer. She hosted over one-hundred 30-minute television shows on subjects ranging from philosophy and health, to a series on well-known artists, becoming friends with famous Navajo artist, R.C. Gorman, Japanese artist, Michio Takayama, and writer, Frank Waters in Taos, New Mexico.
Beginning in 1975, Jussta began receiving 'Divine Signs' from the White Light, which guide her to the next step on her journey. In order to fulfill her promises made to the White Light, Jussta has reached the gamut of heights and depths of experiences. Jussta has always followed the 'Divine Signs' no matter the consequences and without question. Jussta has received thousands of Divine Signs from the White Light since 1975. She continues to follow them to this day. These Divine Signs originate in the oddest circumstances so only she knows it is her 'Divine Sign' and means whatever she is doing is 'part' of fulfilling her promise to the White Light.
Jussta was featured as an international guru in a Japanese documentary for national Japanese television, which was filmed over three days in Topanga Canyon and Malibu. The documentary concluded with a firewalk after the attendees participated in numerous empowerment exercises."
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One of two of my articles in the May 2015 #BellespritMagazine   #Jussta  Here is an excerpt from one of them - more at link!
"What is so special about April Fool’s Day?  For me, it is my Divine Sign from the White Light when I died on the operating table minutes before midnight on Holy Saturday and resurrected on Easter Sunday.  I encountered The White Light wanting me.  I argued with The White Light insisting there was something more I had to do and made a promise ‘to do anything’ in exchange for additional life.  Finally, I was granted additional life in this physical body.  When I asked The White Light what I needed to do, The White Light responded, “You will know when you have done what it is you are to do.”

I told my surgeon about the ‘dream’ I had during surgery as he sat next to me on my hospital bed.  Tears streamed down the surgeon’s cheeks as I related my experience in detail.  His response to me, “That was no dream, we had lost you, you died on the operating table.”

Because of massive, multiple injuries, including head trauma when I went through the windshield, shattering it with my head – this was before there were shatterproof windshields, I was not aware, but I suffered from Retrograde Amnesia for almost a year prior to the auto accident on Good Friday.  No one was allowed to tell me I suffered Amnesia because supposedly it would cause emotional trauma.

My entire destiny changed when I made that promise to The White Light.  Many years later, I began receiving April Fool ‘Divine Signs’.  I even laughed and made jokes asking is this an April Fool’s joke?  Others would laugh with me – it turned out that it was NOT a laughing matter!"
What is so special about April Fool's Day? For me, it is my Divine Sign from the White Light when I died on the operating table
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I am also a licensed HAM Radio Operator! YES, being an Earth Empath we are also sensitive to solar flares - lots of planetary aspects -
Jussta's Earth Empath Fan Page
Just now · 
"X-FLARE: Emerging sunspot AR2339 unleashed an intense X2-class solar flare on May 5th at approximately 22:11 UT. Radiation from the flare caused strong radio blackouts on the Pacific side of Earth, interfering with communications at frequencies below ~20 MHz. The blast also hurled a CME into space, but not toward Earth. This event could herald a sustained period of high solar activity, as AR2339 appears to be large and explosive." Check
STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on May 6th when a CME is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The CME was propelled in our direction on May 2nd by an erupting filament of magnetism in the sun's southern hemisphere. High-latitude sky watchers ...
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Many more eruptions!   #Earthquake   #Nepal  7.9 Earthquake with strong to very strong shaking, many historical buildings collapsed, dead number will increase - Avalanches on Mount Everest according to Sherpa.  Earthquake felt in New Delhi and even more areas.  Please send prayers
Amazing photos and videos of Chile's Calbuco volcano, which began erupting Wednesday for the first time in over 42 years.
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I am a renaissance woman. I traveled the world alone for 14 years, had 14 different careers, including tour photographer for Earth, Wind & Fire on their Spirit Tour. I was a paid assignment photographer for magazines. I taught firewalking in Australia for two years, as well as, firewalk leadership training to students from around the world. I am an artist, photographer, writer, spiritual activist, and Earth Empath & Sensitive, I do Shamanic work, Psychometry, psychic readings and life counseling. I also do exorcisms.,
I am an renaissance woman, a visionary, a writer, photographer, an artist painting with oils and acrylics. I create Power Totem design accessories. I am an Environmentalist and a Spiritual Activist. I am a psychic, psychometrist, Exorcist, and I do Shamanic work.
Proficient on computer, Final Draft Screenwriting Software, Photography for 38 years, including professional photographer for magazines.
  • Self Employed
    Writer -Photographer -Artist -Public Speaker, 1978 - present
    Motivational, inspirational public speaker on a variety of subjects, including Business Management.
  • CBS
    Program Practices
  • International Firewalking Association
    CEO, 1992 - 1994
    Taught firewalking to thousands of people in Malibu, Los Angeles and then for 2 years in Australia all over the country. I also conducted FLITE (Firewalk Leadership, Intensive Training & Empowerment which were 9-day residential intensives in various parts of Australia while also leading Vision Quests, teaching Native American Drum & Rattle Making, leading Sacred Sweat Lodges for my students. Public Speaking, interviewed on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) and on various radio stations all over the country. Did charity work for Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia.
  • Idle Id, Inc. Iron-Ons
    Entrepreneur Owner, 1970 - 1975
    I was one of the pioneers in Iron-Ons that you apply to T-shirts. I was the first person to hold 5 colors in register on an iron-on. I also designed and patented a dryer for the iron-ons. I had over 600 copyrighted designs.
  • Producer of Videos on Fine Artists
    Videographer/Producer, 1986 - 1990
    I featured fine artists in Taos, New Mexico such as Ila McAfee, R.C.Gorman, Ourey Meyers, Catherine Fels, Eugene Dobos, and many others.
  • Earth, Wind, & Fire
    Tour Photographer -Spirit Tour
  • Psychometry
  • Psychic Readings
    Psychic Intuitive
  • Business Management
  • Computer Consultant
  • Producer & Host Cable TV
    Jussta of Hollywood, Jussta of Taos, Jussta Presents, 1987 - 1990
    A half-hour television talk show with a variety of guests - as well as, talking head on philosophy, health, & empowerment.
  • Kit Carson Films - Carmel, CA
    Business Management Consultant, 1984 - 1984
    Interviewed all employees, including owner and managing staff. Did systems analysis on various systems and logistics of fulfilling orders. Wrote an extensive report making recommendations for employee job changes within the company, streamlining systems and logistics.
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Jussta Jussta sold a 14.00" x 9.88" print on!

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