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Nuclear Test Rd North Hamgyong North Korea
Nuclear Test RoadKPNorth Hamgyong
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Bill Clawson's profile photo
Bill Clawson
a year ago
First the good: no bedbugs. The only place in the whole country without bedbugs. I don't remember seeing flies either. No vultures or crows either. The ants on the other hand are huge! Half the staff at the hotel were ants. In fact the reception desk at the hotel was staffed by an ant. (but it was extremely helpful and friendly -- unlike the human staff, who are thin and dreary as always). Food was surprisingly decent: the ramen was delicious, but the sugar solution was sickly sweet. The ants seem to like it though. A surprising mix of international guests at the hotel: Russians, Persians, Pakistani, Sicilians, and Africans, to name a few of the cultures we saw. Now the bad: We both became violently ill on our second day. I'm not sure if it was the water, the food, or some local bug. The staff indicated that there was something in the water that sometimes got to tourists. All I know is it was bad. Took weeks to recover, and my hair hasn't been the same since. Go figure. Because of our brush with death. I can only give this facility three out of five stars.
• • •
a year ago
so ed north korea. I do not like north korea. I like south korea
Lucian Smith
a year ago
More like fizzle than fission. I only went cause it was included on the tour I had already paid for. Staff was very rude but the cafe on the first floor of the east wing had great sandwiches. If you go, ask for the local discount.
Joseph Lim
2 years ago
Wonderful place... flashing lights fireworks and earth occasionally trembles. Was told by local it is natural do not worry. Water taste funny so does the food (maybe its the kimchi). The chicken here are the size of turkey so does the pigs the size of a cow. Was asking a farmer how they raise the animals so huge here whats the secret. Next day didn't see him anymore. Locals are friendly and mostly bald. Unique fashion sense. You'll lose some hair using the shampoo. Maybe its the water. Overall its a great experience.
• • •
Chad Nelson's profile photo
Chad Nelson
2 years ago
I don't understand how anyone could give this place a poor-fair review!! The pulled pork sandwich went good with my fresh can of soda pop! As promised the evening fireworks show was spectacular, and my girlfriend was extremely satisfied with the instant tan. After awhile though, she wouldn't leave the locals alone. She just kept going on and on and on asking everyone how they got so skinny. Unfortunately none of them spoke English so she couldn't find out what kind of diet they were on. Overall I was very impressed and will return soon!!
• • •
Rene Schickbauer's profile photo
Rene Schickbauer
2 years ago
Went there for my mad scientist practical exam. Their labs are first rate and stocked with everything any mad scientist needs! Huge amounts of electric generators, dangerous chemicals, explosives and a wide variety of nuclear materials. Very friendly and helpful people. They even provided me with a dozen political prisoners free of charge, so i didn't need to handle the nastier stuff myself. Now THAT'S what i call customer support! For my exam i had to build a couple of plutonium fission bombs and test them. When the first one worked, they were so happy that they presented me the other one as a gift to take home! Wow! It was even autographed by the great leader himself! I'll definitely return there for many of my future projects!
• • •
ilja petin's profile photo
ilja petin
2 years ago
Went there for my first date. Was very impressed, there wasn't any food as we and the rest of the population are still in famine. We drank sea water and we watched free national television with the cutest little dictator ever and sang karaoke to 8bit tunes coming out of a high-tech screensaver.
George Hooper's profile photo
George Hooper
2 years ago
So you know that feeling when trillions of particles of light course through your body and you feel like you're caught between this reality and being absorbed into the universe? Yeah, so I tried to tell what *looked* like a doctor (scientist?) here those symptoms, but he just rolled his eyes and handed me a map to what I could only deduce to be a brothel. Took a taxi to this so-called "place of happiness and lovely times", as per the flyer, and it was a total sausage fest. Meaning, I wasn't sure if those coiled pieces of mass on the ground were strung out shady ladies or lumpy piles of sausages. Coulda been something else, but I didn't stick around long enough to find out. Anyway, I wasn't sure why I could see so well in the dark after sunset, but then it dawned on me that everything was glowing. Like, not in an idiomatic sense. It was quite literal. So now that I realize I'm in kind of a waking nightmare, I'm trying to get a flight out of here. The travel agents here though? They keep pointing at these long pointy metal things with engines on them that are sticking straight up, so I'm going to try to better explain how I want to get out of this place. Wish me luck!
• • •