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Thank You
Hey everyone, So I have been home about a week, and I have started to get back in the swing of things here back in the states. I have started work, got a new phone, and are getting ready to move into my apartment back up at my University here in the states....

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Biking through Amsterdam
Hey everyone, So Amsterdam was my final stop in mainland Europe, and after getting another super early train in Berlin I was off to see this amazing city. The ride itself was really good until just after we crossed the Dutch border. My train car decided to ...

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A Tour Through Munich and Berlin
Hello Everyone, So I am getting down to the last few stops on my Eurotrip, and as much as I don't want it to end I feel my body might need it. However I am enjoying every minute that I have here traveling because it really is a once in a lifetime opportunit...

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The Italian Job: Rome and Venice
Hey everyone, This post is all about my time in Italy when I visited Rome, and then Venice. I
thought that since I spent such a short time in Venice I would combine this to
make this whole post about my time in Italy. I had such a great time there, and

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Madrid: The Capital of Spain
Hey everyone, I last left off, I was in Barcelona, and had made it to
Spain’s capital city of Madrid. I went straight to the Hostel after I got to
the city and that is where I will pick up again. I hope your all enjoying the
travel posts! So after trusting ...

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Sunny Barcelona
Hey everyone, So this post will be part of the double post day because I want to get caught
up a bit on where I have been. So since I last left off I was in Montpellier,
and I was heading to the home of the Camp Nou, Barcelona. My journey to Barcelona start...

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Madness in Montpellier
Hey everybody, Ok so this is going to be kinda a quick post since everything I had planned in Montpellier kinda went to hell and fast. So forgive me if this seems like a really short post, it's because my time in Montpellier though enjoyable, was a tad be w...

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Je T'aime Paris
Hey everyone, So Eurotrip is going really well! I've made it all around France and I'm starting to learn a bit of French! Nothing like learning a language when you have no other choice, but to try and speak it. So I'll pick up where I last left off which wa...

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Exploring Saint-Malo and Bayeux
Hey Everyone, So I've been wanted to write a post for a while, but since I have been studying for my final exam at Plymouth Uni I haven't really thought about it. But now that it's all over I managed to make it through my year of study in Plymouth. But my t...

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Tucker and Beth Take on Stuttgart
Hey everyone, So this past weekend (and into the beginning of the week), I caught a flight to
see my Step-Mother Beth. She started work over in German about a month ago, so
I though I would go and visit her this weekend. We ended up going all over the
map, ...
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