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Just tested the Belkin CarAudio Connect AUX-Bluetooth with Instacast. Works great. Audio is coming from car speakers. It has a USB jack that can be used to charge the phone and you can tap the big button to pause. A downside is that double-tap does not skip to the next track as promised in the manual, not with Instacast and not with the Music app. A minus also for the missing remote control. ★★★★☆

Anyone having problems with skipping playback in Instacast 2.0? What's the problem? Is the button not highlighting? Is the player bouncing instead? Would be great to have more inside as I can't reproduce the problem.

Quick follow up from my last post about iOS 5 adoption. iOS 5 or higher is now used by over 97% of all Instacast users. Therefore I decided to drop support for iOS 4 in the next major version and my next major version, I mean 2.0.

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Hey, just a quick note. If you want to get more info about what's going on at Vemedio, please follow @vemedio on Twitter.

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Made some screenshots available on Flickr about the upcoming Instacast HD for iPad. Check it out!

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I was looking over some Instacast user statistics and I was baffled by the fact that already over 84% of all Instacast user have iOS 5 installed on their iPhones. Over the beta period this number was constantly around 10%. Around Oct 4 when the GM came out the percent increased to around 20% and on release day Oct 12 the usage increased dramatically. I just made a small graph to show the effect. Kind of amazing if you think that the same line on Android would remain flat at around zero.

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Marco Arment yesterday talked in his Build & Analyze Podcast about the problematic rules for locally cached downloaded data in iOS 5 and what it means for Instapaper. Essentially the user experience of Instacast will suffer in a similar way.

As soon as iOS 5 detects that your device is running on low storage capacity, it begins to delete cached data of apps. This could cause downloaded podcast episode files to get deleted and the user might think that the caching mechanism of Instacast is broken because it reports that episodes are not cached despite being downloaded by the user previously.

And in fact I already received a message on Twitter reporting this very issue.

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Now I regret that I ditched mine 10 years ago.

Instacast 1.3.5 is crashing a lot and I am totally sorry for that. It seems that the bug has slipped through and was not even found by my beta testers. I can't express how sorry I am. I am getting a lot of emails now from users frustrated by the last update and I totally understand. The bug is caused by podcasts that do not use standard iTunes genres. I already submitted Instacast 1.3.6 to the AppStore, however it can take several days before it's available. In the mean time, please try to deactivate the automatic refresh and find the subscription that is causing the crash. Unsubscribe the podcast and reenable automatic refresh. You can subscribe again with Instacast 1.3.6.

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Wanted to install Disconnect to Safari 5.1. Doesn't work. Then I found FacebookBlocker by Alex & Dan Rubin. Now all Facebook 'Like' buttons are gone. Problem solved.
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