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On Explosive Cats
The advent of gunpowder and explosives in Europe during the late Middle Ages was revolutionary, and armies experimented with various ways to make effective use of the new technology. Sometimes these experiments were a little bizarre. Check out his fascinati...

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Less than a week away!
When I woke up today, I realized that we will be at Stanford in less than a week! I’m quite excited to make a major step in our project, but I am also looking  forward to seeing Stanford. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, but I never visited Stanf...

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Sam Webb Receives the Model
Jus t a brief update today, but
there will be more to follow over the course of this next week (it’s spring
break so I’ll have a lot of time to work on the project). We received word back
from Sam Webb, who has received the facsimile of the Breslauer Bible....

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A Bit about the Breslauer Bible
The centerpiece of our project is, of course, the "Breslauer Bible." This post contains a little information about how USC acquired the valuable manuscript. The Breslauer Bible was acquired by USC, under the supervision of Dr. Gwara, at Christie's in London...

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Project Background
In this post, we are going to take a look back at how our project began. In April 2007, the University of South Carolina hosted Dr. Christopher de Hamel for a seminar entitled "Understanding the Medieval Book." Dr. de Hamel is a Fellow at Corpus Christi Col...

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Breslauer Bible Model
Today, we’re going to take a look at
the model Breslauer Bible we prepared for SSRL! In order to
arrange the proper setup for the scanning of the Breslauer Bible at the SSRL,
Cathy Knotts (the SSRL director) directed us to Sam Webb, who she said would

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A Lighter Side to Medieval Manuscripts
Dr. Gwara recently sent Carl and I this interesting manuscript related article.  Before cats became infamous for inconveniently scurrying across keyboards. . .  . . .one feline trod across this Medieval Manuscript!   Check out the original article below!  h...

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The Project Continues
Last week was a tumultuous one—we  suffered from snows storms, ice storms, and even an
earthquake, but our project plods on ahead. We met earlier this week at Dr.
Gwara’s office in order to discuss our travel to Stanford. We filled out the
appropriate Trave...

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Preparation for Stanford
Things are speeding up for our Magellan project! Carl and I recently found out that instead of traveling to Stanford in June, as we originally planned, we will now be flying out March 19. Carl and I have both created accounts on the Stanford Linear Accelera...
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