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Governments ENabled with IPv6 - GEN6
Governments ENabled with IPv6 - GEN6

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First IPv6 - only OpenStack Cloud used to deliver production
services is deployed by Nephos6, Citkomm and SnT - University of Luxembourg

The first ever IPv6 - only OpenStack cloud was built as pilot in the project “Government Enabled Through IPv6 (Gen6: by the University of Luxembourg together with Nephos6 and Citkomm to demonstrate in practice how government organizations can deliver scalable services in the future. On May 25
th, this environment provided IPv6 enabled users with access to the  EU parliamentary and local elections results of all cities served by  Citkomm.

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The GEN6 project proudly presents it's relaunched website. Have a look at the results of the pilots and get information on upcoming presentations of it.

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PreFIA workshop

At the European ICT 2013 event, this year hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania in November 2013, the Laboratory for telecommunications from the University of Ljubljana has successfully completed pilot testing of the 6inACTION system in cooperation with Telekom Slovenije.( 11-08-2013 )

The smart emergency communications solution 6inACTION, implemented in part under the EU project GEN6, was displayed at the event's exhibition, demonstrating virtualization of 3G and 4G mobile networks and its use for professional public safety services. Successfully exploiting new networking paradigms based on IPv6 and IoT technologies, a pilot interconnectivity was established to extend the reach of private mobile communications system beyond Slovenian borders and hence support compliance and interconnectivity of professional communications services on a cross-border level.
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