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The Best Guitar Music Of All Time - Romantic Relaxing Melodies HD 1080p

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] Johnny Guitar
[02:04] Soldier Of Fortune
[06:11] Casablanca (Ming Zi)
[10:39] Romance De Amour
[13:54] Love Story
[16:20] Guitarra, Ver (Mario Suzuki)
[18:00] Wedding In The Dream
[20:22] Snow Gone With The Wind
[23:38] Crying In The Rain
[27:07] Pachelbel's Canon (Xiao Ping)
[31:46] Wonderful Tonight

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Charming Morin Khuur Melodies - Relaxing Matouqin Instrumental Music

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 草原蒙古人家 Mongolian Families On The Prairie
[04:20] 菩提经 Pu Ti Jing
[09:03] 月光下 In The Silver Moon Light

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Starry, Starry Night by Chen Xiaoping - Relaxing Guitar Music

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Cello Songs - The Whispers In The Wind - Soothing Melodies

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 解脱 Disentangle From Love
[04:42] 北京北京 Beijing, Beijing
[09:01] 千言万语 One Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases
[12:54] 女人花 Women Flowers

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Morning Relaxing Instrumental Music - Soothing Melodies

[00:00] 春之畅想曲 Japanese Spring
[05:52] 梦见伊甸园 Meng Jian Yi Dian Yuan

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Romantic Golden Guitar Of Yoshio Kimura - Relaxing Guitar Melodies

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 人生いろいろ Jinsei Iroiro
[04:00] おんなの宿 Onna No Yado
[07:46] 霧にむせぶ夜 Kiri Ni Musebu Yoru
[11:44] しぐれ川 Shigure Gawa
[16:24] 恋唄綴りKoiuta Tsuzuri
[20:01] 男の哀歌 (エしジー) Otoko No Aika

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Unforgettable Japanese Songs On GUITAR Of Yoshio Kimura - Relaxing Guitar Music

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] おんな船頭唄 Onna Sendouta
[03:58] かえり船 Kaeribune
[08:05] 淚の酒 Namida No Sake
[11:18] コモエスタ赤坂 Como Esta Akasaka
[14:37] さざんかの宿 Sazanka No Yado
[18:03] 他人酒 Taninzake
[21:59] 女の意地 Onna No Iji
[25:30] 命くれない Inochi Kurenai
[29:45] 裏町人生 Uramachi Jinsei
[33:07] 湯島の白梅 Yushima No Shiraume

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Romantic Violin Melodies Of Zhang Yi - Relaxing Violin Music

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 神秘园之歌 Songs From A Secret Garden
[04:43] 走进莎丽花园 Down By The Salley Gardens
[08:54] 痴情意外 Accidently Unreasoning Passion
[13:28] 画心 Painting Heart
[19:08] 空中漫步 Walking In The Air
[23:51] 此情可待 Right Here Waiting
[27:51] 红豆 Red Bean

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The Best Melodies Of Chinese Bamboo Flute - Relaxing Flute Music

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 月笛 Yue Di (Game Music)
[03:18] The Flute In The Autumn (Game Music)
[08:20] 神话 The Myth (Xiao & Hulusi)
[13:24] 晚秋 Late Autumn
[16:35] 吻别 Kiss Goodbye
[20:18] 忘记他 Forget Him
[23:33] 洗衣歌 The Song Of Laundry
[27:04] 来生缘 Afterlife Love (Dizi, Guzheng & Erhu)
[31:12] 你看你看月亮的脸 Look At The Moon's Face (Dizi, Guzheng & Erhu)

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Chinese New Age Music For Rest, Relaxation And Stress Relief

★ Tracklist:
[00:00] 归 Gui (Dai Ya)
[04:22] SPA
[06:31] 与鹰同行 Travel With Hawk
[10:35] 平静的喜悦 Quite Joy (Wu Na)
[16:41] 青葱(雨林) Qing Cong (Yu Lin)
[21:25] 禅 Zen (Dai Ya)
[25:40] 往事 Wang Shi (Ping Yuan)
[31:18] 天堂 Paradise (Gao Zhi Jian)
[36:43] 苏州河 Di Zhou He (Ping Yuan)
[41:25] 山境 Shan Jing (Ping Yuan)
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