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Someone was hoping that +Journey (Diary, Journal)​ and +Clue​ could link, so that we could write diary entries based on input to Clue

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+allan sutcliffe​ ANOTHER OS!
Tinkerers: got an old 32 bit pc lying around? Remix OS, a desktop-focused version of Android, is coming to older PCs

+Robert Collier​ is there a way of searching +Google Play store​ using permissions as a filter? I am trying to find a suitable invoicing/accounts app that can pull names from my contacts app. Checking permissions for each likely candidate is rather laborious!

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Hotter Shoes - A review of my 'Hotter Moment'
I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of a new Hotter Shoe store in Brighton last week. I had only recently heard of Hotter Shoes at a blogging event I attended in October, but I'm not sure how they had slipped my radar as they have been around si...

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+David Wagstaffe​ it's your iPhone, only bigger, cheap and with a SD card slot!
Is it odd that I kinda want this phone even though I like my Nexus 6...?

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Norman Warner resigns whip, calling Labour 'no longer credible'

"Labour will only win another election with a policy approach that wins back people who have moved to voting Conservative and Ukip, as well as to Greens and SNP"

Ha! So how exactly do you appeal to both ukip and the Green Party then?

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+allan sutcliffe​ another OS
More future Chromebook buyers?

I am curious if all this talk about upgrading old computers with the new CloudReady software will, in turn, convert a substantial number of them to actual "real" Chromebook purchasers in the future. Thoughts?

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Medium contacted me about publishing this on their site ("Hi from Medium - We loved your piece"). Apparently it hit a nerve in their offices, and sparked "intense conversation." It wasn't an easy post to write.

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