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Hey guys! Expanding my solo RPG library! Besides Four Against Darkness and Bivius Tunnels and Dragons, which other solo systems are focused in party play?

Ok guys, someone here recommended me Bivius RPG supplement Tunnels and Dragons, and I really like its ideas, but it has, in my opinion, a flawed execution.

However, being a very simple system, I managed to try and adjust some of the fiddly bits. Here's what I did and any feedback is appreciated.

-Damage Track: I find damage to stats to be an excelent idea, but since it's the only thing you can get damaged and in combat it's quite possible the only thing you might use is your Class or Profession Stats, a solo player can get worn down very quickly. I advice adding two to three damage boxes that can be ticked off once per failure to avoid taking damage to stats directly. You can chose where to allocate damage.

-Enemy Rank says how tough it is: This is sorta implied in the book but there aren't any rules on how to represent this. Any enemy above your rank is High Stat Challenge. Also, for strong enemies, such as dungeon bosses, you need to strike them a number of times equal to their rank. If we follow the base rules, a single lucky hero in a party can down a dragon with one strike and that's quite anti climatic. Also, some traps and dangers can be used this way.

-Ask before discovering something in overland exploration: I found that the way overland travel works, it creates maps that could be way too densely populated, like having 3 settlements in a row for example. Before asking what you find, ask if there's something of interest in the Hex, and then look for encounters.

-Unfavorable combat situations: When you're in combat, you usually roll your Class Stat. If combat conditions are unfavorable for you, roll it as Low. If it's already low, you can only use it against equal oponents. Try to make the situation favorable first. Enemies lower their rank when in unfavorable situations.

-Dropping loot when escaping: The game also hints that you can lose loot and gear when escaping from combats and dungeons, but never syas how. When you're running away from a dangerous situation, make a BRO check to see which important item you lose.
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Which system (not Scarlet Heroes) do you find more suited to run a campaign focused in combat and dungeon crawling?

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Hey again guys! Getting stuff ready to play my "Antiguo y Colosal" Ironsworn game, taking a young rebel from the Little People tribe, an unexperiences wannabe warrior, to find his way in life, fight for the future of his people, and defeat some colossi.

But for this he will need a trusty Ancient Beast, the first asset he will try to gain through a quest. I'm trying to make a custom companion asset grabbing bits and pieces of other pre made assets and mixing some of my ideas, I need some feedback!

My character's Ancient Beast is an Akhlut, some sort of land killer whale. It combines parts of the Hound and Wyvern Asset plus a new custom advantage.


*Swift Swimmer: When you Undertake a Journey through places largely covered by water, add +1

*Ferocious: When you Strike or Clash alongside your Akhlut and score a hit,
inflict +1 harm or take +1 momentum.

*Insatiable: Insatiable: When you Undertake a Journey and score a hit, you may suffer -1 supply in exchange for +1 momentum.

5 stress

Hello guys! I wanted to share with you my World Workbook based in the "Antiguo y Colosal" setting for Fate, it's a spanish setting based in Shadow of the Colossus and ICO. If I don't write this somewhere or share it I will procrastinate and never begin my adventures.

The Ancients, our forefathers, build a great empire full of technology, wonders and splendor. Their pride consumed them and awoke the Titans. We, the Little People, are all that remains, and we must suffer and atone for the sins of our ancestors.

Inscrutable metal pillars are found throughout the land. They are iron gray, and smooth as river stone. They have a faint red aura and strange glyphs carved into them. The pillars do not tarnish, and even the sharpest blade cannot mark them. We call them "Haunt Stones".

Before us were the Ancients. All that remains of their once glorious civilization is ruins and devastation. Altough they were our predecessors, little is known about them.

We live in communities called circles. These are settlements ranging in size from a steading with a few families to a village of several hundred. Some circles belong to nomadic folk. Some powerful circles might include a cluster of settlements. We trade (and sometimes feud) with other circles.

Our communities are led by a council of Elders, comprised entirely of women. Some believe the ruin of our ancestors happened when the Ancients changed their matriarchy for a patriarchal empire, thus, the matriarchy was restored, out of fear.

The Little People rarely has any warriors or hunters, as fighting against nature and the horrors of the night is going against the consequences of the sins of the Ancients, and we must attone. Some youth recently started bonding with mystical creatures, the Ancient Beasts, and fighting with whatever martial knowledge they can learn. We call them the "Unsubmissives", some of them even exiled from their villages.

Magic courses through this land as the rivers flow through the hills. Only the shamans and some elders have enough knowledge in how to channel the ley lines with rituals, but some explorers also know some to help them in tasks.

A few Little People still make signs or mumble prayers out of habit or tradition, but most believe the gods long ago abandoned us.

The firstborn are known as Ancient Beasts, animals even older than our ancestors, their bodies imbued with ley line energy. They dissapeared long before the cataclysm struck the Ancients, but now returned to aid the Unsubmissive fight the Titans.

The magic of the Haunt Stones spreads like dark tendrils, corrupting what it touches. Animals, flora, even some of us get turned into Haunts, predatory monsters with unusual capabilities.

Some of the Ancients still remain in this world as Shadows, terrible creatures of nightmare that roam the ruins and lands close to their old cities. Looking at one of these horrors can freeze on its place even the bravest man, and they hold terrible powers, and secrets.

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A recommendation guys, for those who like to play Ironsworn in settings with dungeons and weird monsters.

Maybe those of you who are familiar with Dungeon World already know about Perilous Wilds, a supplement which expands and further details overland travel and world generation. I found it to be an invaluable companion for a more High Fantasy experience in Ironsworn.

Even tho I use the exploration rules from Ironsworn, as they are simple and tailored to work as intended with the base game, the Region generator, encounter generator and of course, the rules for spontaneous dungeon crawling are simply amazing.

You only need to substitute the stats used by the dungeon exploration moves and that's it, you got a Dungeon Crawling experience for Ironsworn, and a generator of wonderous waypoints, like giant trees, dead titans, and even more things only limited by your interpretation of the discovery results!

Here's a link to the supplement, hope you have fun with this as I've been having!
The Perilous Wilds
The Perilous Wilds

Hey there! Are we getting more Swordfish Islands supplements? I love every single bit of Hotspring Island and I want more!

Hey guys, gonna recommend 3 good systems for soloing with varying degrees of complexity, all three of them inclined towards a more light spectrum, the most complicated being almost FATE level of rules heavy.

First one is TINY DUNGEON 2E. This engine is a minimalistic fantasy game, which also happens to be d6 based. No stats, classless, only Traits to define your character from between a list of about 25, which lets you mix and match to build your very own fantasy adventurer. It's reminiscent of Black Hack in its simplicity, rolling 2d6 and succeeding in the task at hand if either dice comes a 5 or 6. You roll 3d6 when you have advantage and 1d6 when at dissadvantage. Traits, combat options and more let you change the battle or scene at your favor, and all weapons deal 1 damage. It has many cool and equally minimalistic optional rules which let you tailor the game to your liking, adding or taking away from it, and converting existing material to this game is surprisingly quick, as is coming up with enemies on the fly.

Second one is Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e. Some of you miught be familiar with the Fighting Fantasy line of gamebooks, and this fast and fun system takes the base of said gamebooks and turns it into a robust, yet simple and fast to learn system that çets you tailor any fantasy character you can imagine. Counting with numerous tables for situational modifiers, random enemies, treasure and more, this system lets you play solo, as enemies are mostly balanced arround a lone opponent, but can even handle a band of adventurers or a hero with hirelings! This game also has lots of aviable expansion materials which add systems like Dominion level play, how to handle a business, more magis systems and spells, and a VERY robust collection of enemies, in fact, almost 450. The system uses a 2d6 roll under Skill system prone to breaking of min maxing, but fellows at the official forums have adjusted the combat to make it challenging and fun without taking away any of the initial simplicity of this system. It's really like playing your own gamebook!

Last is Unity, a new d20 RPG akin to 13th Age, but much more simple and tailored into a style in which only the players roll, saving your solo play some time. It's built arround party play, using powers reminiscent of those found in 4e or the aftermentioned 13th Age, but much simpler to read. It has a minimalistic character sheet and a very simple and abstract combat system which is easy to remember. Unique character classes combined with an easy to track inventory and resource system similar to Ironsworn, a decent bestiary with small entrances and lots of interpretative choices and oportunities, this is for those who like 13th Age or 5e but might be looking for something easier to play by yourself. Monsters are way easier to make than in the previously mentioned RPGs, with simpler power blocks, and the classes are all a blast to play, with magic items and gear being mostly descriptive.

Hery guys! I just found this Fate Core setting in spanish, Antiguo y Colosal (Ancient and Colossal).

For those spanish speakers, I'd advice grabbing it, both as a Fate Game and as setting material, because it REALLY goes well with Ironsworn!

It's about low, isolated villages who live in the remains of an ancient, post-apocalyptic world in which a powerful civilization flourished, only to be destroyed by inmense and mysterious beings known as colosi.

The young people of the tribes bond with mystical animals known as Beasts, and together they explore the broken world, face monsters known as Wraiths, and face the immense Colosi.

The setting is kinda low-magic, as characters start off as nobodies in tribes who don't even have soldiers/hunters, and even tho magic is present, it's mysterious (no spellcasting, but there are rituals).

So if you're lacking ideas, try this out :D

Any plan to release a form fillable character sheet or a roll20 sheet? We play online with the draft :/
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