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Israel Vasquez
Web Developer, Programmer in Belize C.A.
Web Developer, Programmer in Belize C.A.

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ADB not running in Ubuntu 13.04 with android studio. I've confirmed adb is installed via command line and also with android-studio package. ie. /opt/android-studio/sdk/platform-tools/adb

but it just failes with "Cannont find file or directory does not exist". I've checked permission and made sure it can be executed.  Any ideas, anyone?

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As much as I love my System 76 Serval Pro, it tends to be a bit heavy... seriously thinking about the Dell xps 13 Dev w Ubuntu my fav OS

Halfway through the Lean Startup book by Eric Reis #leanstartup Thanks ... +New Relic for the book.

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A fitting message, today March 7th 2012 ... Election Day in Belize... We all have a power to change the world, if we would only will. Start by the little things you can do, the internet & social media enable you. Share this story and make a change, we are the young, and empowered, lets use that power for change! #kony2012 #revolutionnotelection

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I think its a cool phone.

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Can't wait, I guess my next phone is going to be an Android
A full Ubuntu desktop on your Android phone - - if you are a handset maker or manufacturer, get in touch:

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