Debian/Ubuntu game team is asking for more help with packaging, bug triaging, screenshots, etc.
Hi folks, I work for the Debian/Ubuntu games team and we're on a recruitment spree (always) for new members...bzzzT...ENTER NEWSCAST MODE....bzzzT pro...
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How do you package games these days? 

I guess games have such a simple dependency structure to the system that you could just build packages for oldest supported stable debian (based) (currently squeeze) distro and have them distributed in a distro-unspecific repo for all debian-based distros.

The uncomplicated dependency structure makes the games less error-prone to faults that result from being in an environment that wasn't used upstream for testing or wasn't used at build-time.
So you don't need much of (more) testing on the distro-side and are able to package by the release cycle of the game, instead of by the distros cycle. Or am I wrong?

Multiplayer Games are usually backward/upward incompatible to each other, so apt-get install nexuiz is entirely useless for me if I use the one from the distro-specific archive, because I can't play online.

I'd love to help in the area of gaming with debian. Maybe I could set up a repository like I proposed, but I wonder if anyone else feels need for that.
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