When Google+ launched I was immediately excited about it's potential as a photo sharing platform, and it seemed so was everyone else. There was a constant steam of new and interesting photos whizzing past my eyes.

Over time this stream has slowed to a crawl, and has now become completely dominated by three or four photographers. These photographers (number one of which is +Thomas Hawk) have 'won' G+ but in the process I have been turned off.

This is not their fault, it was bound to happen because of the system. Each new comment puts their lovely photos to the top of my stream again but buries all the other gorgeous photography at the same time.

I used to get a load of comments on my photos on G+, now I'm lucky if I get one. I still get a few +1s on their way down, but they don't stop the drop. And then...nothing. Those photos are never seen again, by me or anybody else. There is no fixed page to get back to. They are essentially dead to Google+.

The point of this semi-rant is not, however, the lack of interaction on my photos. It's that my experience will be mirrored by others too, and that means fewer different photos are being pushed to the top of the stream.

A couple of times a day I go into my photo stream to throw out comments and +1s, but as time goes on, these comments are going to fewer photographers. Either because of the domination of these photographers, or because others are dropping out of the game.

There was a time when Google Photos looked like it was going to launch. I don't remember anybody promising anything, but we the G+ users had decided it was going to happen. We decided it was going to fix all the problems with sharing photos on Google+. We were wrong. It didn't launch, and the problems have never been fixed.

I'm not going to give up on Google+ as a photo sharing platform. It's another way to get my photography seen, but recently I have been getting far more reaction elsewhere. G+ needs to start making something of it's potential before it's too late. I'm not the only person suffering from this disallusion. I'm making a fuss, but many others have just left.

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