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So I did this thing for The Conversation on Trump and nuclear non-proliferation policy.

I've always been something of an anti-alarmist when it comes to nuclear issues. Not now!

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Mark and I get into the festive spirit by not mentioning anything seasonal. Instead, we look at the story behind one of the most popular – and bizarre – photographs from post-war America. Yes, we're discussing that most important of high-level meetings, the time when Richard Nixon met Elvis Presley.

I'm delighted to say that my first published article has now appeared in the august journal, Cold War History. It's examines a little known nuclear non-proliferation dispute between the UK and US, over Britain's attempts to sell what were seen as "nuclear capable" Jaguar strike aircraft to the recently nuclearised India.

If you're quick (and if you don't have institutional access to CWH), you can download the article for free here:

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Undergraduate teaching begins again soon, so here's some thoughts on my new course: The United States and the Problem of Nuclear Proliferation, 1945-2015.

And yes, there is a point to the picture of Donald 'Serious Foreign Policy Credentials' Trump.

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'Trigger warnings' and the teaching of nuclear history: some reflections on my teaching experiences.

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This latest episode of American History Too! is without a doubt the most difficult one we've had to do. In discussing the AIDS crisis in 1980s America, you have to recognise that you are talking about events that still directly affect people all around the world.

It's not a subject that Mark or I were particular familiar with, in historical terms. So, reading accounts of the times, engaging with people's experiences of the crisis, and seeing how the era has been assessed was really eye opening, saddening, and at times anger inducing.

So, if we sound slightly reticent at times, it's because we're thinking really hard about not saying the wrong thing.

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Bomb shelters! CND! Radioactive teeth! Nuking the Carolinas! Banned BBC output! 

All this and more in the potentially unlucky episode 13 of American History Too!

Includes bonus attempt by me to gain pop-culture relevance points. I fail badly as my much younger co-host displays even less awareness of terrible current pop music.

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So, you might have seen that our American History Too! podcast logo is a bit, well, amateurish. Mainly because Mark and I have absolutely no graphic designs skills at all. Nothing. Nada.

Given that the podcast is getting a little more popular, we'd like to have a better logo that doesn't look it was done in a Paintshop Basics For Five Year Olds class. Trouble is – as I noted above – we are rank incompetents in this area.

I know that there are a lot of skilled graphic designers out there. So, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to create a logo for us? I realise that this is isn't as simple as it sounds, and is a big ask considering that our budget amounts to £0.00.

If you'd be willing to help a couple of impoverished, early career academics out, then please do get in touch.

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On the American History Too! podcast we like to stick to safe, non-controversial topics.

So this week, we cover the JFK assassination. Well, nothing can go wrong with that discussion!

Oh, and it was Oswald. On his own.

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It's episode 9 of American History Too! This time, Mark and I discuss the Second Red Scare, the Lavender Scare, and Joe McCarthy.

Is it even useful to think about this as the era of McCarthyism? Should it really be Hooverism? And why has the persecution of gays and lesbians during this time gone relatively unremarked until recently? We (attempt to) answer all these questions and more!
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