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All opinions are my own and probably bear no resemblance to real life :)
All opinions are my own and probably bear no resemblance to real life :)

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This could give us some spectacular footage if they can keep Cassini running long enough!

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Some of the watch faces you can get for Android Wear smartwatches are truely mind blowing...
My second entry to the contest. The Roin Holograph.

Inspired by sci-fi holographic displays.

Tilt the watch (rotate your wrist) to see:
- Battery levels view
- Date view
- Digital time view

Time is also visible on Battery levels and Date view as an “analog” watch: two small triangles showing hours and minutes.

- Change the colour of the numbers by tapping on the top right
- Change the colour of the outer ring by tapping on the top left

This watch can give you the illusion of of 3D depth. Depth is 0 by default.

- Decrease depth by tapping on the bottom left
- Increase depth by tapping on the bottom right
- Re-center depth by tapping in the middle

Link and images:

Thanks to +Oliver Benduhn for the colour changing method.

#ROIN #ROIN_Design #ROIN_Watches #holograph
#depth #3d #round #watchmaker #watchface #smartwatch 

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How's this for a fun build, it uses motion capture and some trick maths to predict where a dart is going to land and moves the dartboard so you always get a bullseye :)

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+Alex Eames from did a nice video demoing how to do SMT using solder paste by hand. SMT is something I've done in the past with good results and plan to do more of in the future as I quite like miniaturising my projects and often its way cheaper. Its really not as bad as you'd think.

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This is pretty cool....
Tiny pocket smartphone - Vphone S8

Need a second phone? Or phones for your kids? Maybe you want a throwaway phone for travelling that you won't have to worry about getting lost, stolen, or searched by police state border goons. The Vphone S8 can be had for under $30 on ebay and has all the basic functions you need.

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Awesome, I love the pyramid and modular nature so you can make anything you want.

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Some awesome photo collections for the Sinclair fans including the ZX81, Spectrum, QL and more!
Rick Dickinson Design Prototypes (reposted)

Four amazing albums of photos and design drawings of Sinclair prototypes by Rick Dickinson (see the also the previous post) on Flickr:


Spectrum development

QL and beyond
(Now we finally know, what the QL would have looked like, had Sinclair managed to built the [in]famous flat screen display.)

Pandora to Z88

P.S.: If not familiar with code names appearing in sketches, like Loki, Janus or Pandora, have a look at this page about unreleased Sinclair computers (at "Planet Sinclair", which G+ apparently doesn't like):

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The future is here, like James said its almost like CGI.
So perfect there's gonna be conspiracy nuts telling us it's CGI... 

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We've all had days like that :)

Via +Carl Draper​
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