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How to help Texas kids deal with a divorce
Take a look at this article about children and divorce in Texas. Read more to learn what parents can do to help their kids deal with the end of a marriage. Going through the divorce of their parents may be difficult for children of all ages. By discussing the divorce as a family, allowing children to express how they are feeling and keeping the kids out of the fight, however, parents may better help their children to adjust to this type of major life change.

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5 Frequently Asked Collaborative Divorce Questions
Check out this article about the common questions that many spouses in Texas have about the collaborative divorce process. Many people may not understand how the process works, what it costs and when it can benefit spouses. Learn more about the unique aspects of collaborative divorce and the situations that may make it worth considering.

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What to look for when picking a divorce lawyer
Take a look at this article about choosing a divorce attorney. Read more for tips that may help people to choose the right lawyer for their situation and needs. While having legal representation can help ease the divorce process, not every lawyer is the right fit for every family. By asking around for recommendations, interviewing potential candidates, considering the costs and looking out for red flags, people may find an attorney who is best suited to help guide them through their divorce.

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New Texas child custody evaluation legislation
Read an article describing the basics of an extensive new Texas law that toughens the child custody evaluation process in divorce.

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Guard against hidden assets in three steps
Check out this article about hidden assets in high-asset divorces. Because high-asset divorces typically involve complex financial portfolios, they are especially vulnerable to unscrupulous ex-spouses trying to conceal assets from a former partner. Those who suspect assets are being hidden can take a number of steps to make sure they're getting a fair deal, including looking over tax returns and consulting with a forensic accountant.

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Texas Parents Delinquent in Paying Child Support
Take a look at this article which talks about how the problem of delinquent child support payments in Texas. Find out how many parents in Texas are not making their court-ordered child support payments. Learn how child support is calculated in the state and what details are factored into determining this amount. Read how an attorney may simplify the divorce process for Texas couples who are going through a divorce.

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Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements in Texas
Residents in and around Dallas, Texas should click here to visit this page and learn about how a prenuptial agreement can benefit them. From outlining what is separate property and what is marital property to specifying what should be done with specific assets upon the death of one or both spouses, there are many uses for today’s marital contracts.

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Do stay-at-home parents need a postnuptial agreement?
Check out this article about postnuptial agreements and why parents who choose to stay at home with their children instead of remaining in the workforce can benefit from creating one. For instance, after a spouse re-enters the workforce, he or she will likely not make as much as he or she did before. A postnuptial agreement can compensate for this lost earning potential in case a couple ever decides to end their marriage.

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Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and Litigation
If you’re planning on getting divorced but are confused as to which options are best for you,
read this article. Collaborative divorce and mediation offer ways to achieve a swift and cost-effective divorce outside the courtroom. Both options
can also spare children conflict as well as allow the divorcing couple to resolve their disagreements peacefully.

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Domestic abuse remains a significant problem
Domestic violence can affect people from all educational, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds. Over one million women in America are domestic violence victims annually with women between the ages of 20 and 24 at the greatest risk of intimate partner violence. Read this article to learn how a protective order issued by a Texas court can protect victims of domestic violence.
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