A summary of today's transit announcements for the city:


* Map showing tomorrow's status: http://project.wnyc.org/mtatiles/embed.html
* Some, but not all, lines are re-opening in portions. No trains downtown of 34th St in Manhattan. Everything's running local.
*No trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan; shuttles will leave from MetroTech, Barclays and Hewes St, cross Manhattan/Williamsburg bridges, and use Lex/3rd Aves to 57th St. Exact routes and stops have not been announced.
* F and N trains provide service between Queens and Manhattan.
* Most service to Bronx will be provided.


* Most service running today, albeit often caught up in congestion.
* Service frequency will be impacted tomorrow as buses are diverted to provide cross-bridge shuttle service.


* Today was an utter mess. Traffic lights being out in lower Manhattan certainly didn't help things.
*Starting tomorrow, HOV restrictions inbound to Manhattan on Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, RFK (Triboro) and Henry Hudson bridges between 6 AM and midnight. If a car doesn't have 3 or more passengers, Bloomberg threatens that you will be ticketed, mocked by the law-abiding, and turned away.
* Some bus lanes may be instituted for subway-replacement service.
Hugh Carey (Brooklyn-Battery), Holland, and Queens Midtown tunnels still closed.


* Operations have resumed at JFK and Newark but not yet at full capacity. A lot of planes were stored around the country and need to be returned, and not all staff can get to work.
* Will be possible to take train to AirTrain to/from JFK tomorrow. With Holland Tunnel closed and NJ Transit down, leave a lot of time if you're going to Newark and expect to pay a lot for a car.
* LaGuardia is closed, runways were majorly flooded and they need to inspect navigational equipment for damage.
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