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Jesse Friedman
Marketer, cooking enthusiast, transit geek, husband.
Marketer, cooking enthusiast, transit geek, husband.


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This was so fun to be a part of! Bummed I couldn't make it to Cooperstown for the launch, but excited all the same to show how technology's great for America's culture, including its favorite pastime.
Hall of Famers Cal Ripken and Phil Niekro interact with students during the Google Cultural Institute launch event. Check out our new online exhibits and take a virtual tour of the Museum!

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If you’re sending confidential information by mail, you wouldn’t put it in a postcard. And if you want your email to be protected from snooping, both you and the people you’re emailing with need to use services that support encryption in transit. Emails sent between Gmail users are encrypted as they move between our data centers—but about 40 percent of emails sent between Gmail and other providers aren’t encrypted. Learn more in a new section of our Transparency Report: .

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Added photos to Google I/O 2013.

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Interested in getting involved in tech policy on the local, national, or international level? Join us from 11-12 at the GDG Lounge on the 2nd floor. We are friendly and we have stickers! #freeandopen #io13

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A summary of today's transit announcements for the city:


* Map showing tomorrow's status:
* Some, but not all, lines are re-opening in portions. No trains downtown of 34th St in Manhattan. Everything's running local.
*No trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan; shuttles will leave from MetroTech, Barclays and Hewes St, cross Manhattan/Williamsburg bridges, and use Lex/3rd Aves to 57th St. Exact routes and stops have not been announced.
* F and N trains provide service between Queens and Manhattan.
* Most service to Bronx will be provided.


* Most service running today, albeit often caught up in congestion.
* Service frequency will be impacted tomorrow as buses are diverted to provide cross-bridge shuttle service.


* Today was an utter mess. Traffic lights being out in lower Manhattan certainly didn't help things.
*Starting tomorrow, HOV restrictions inbound to Manhattan on Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, RFK (Triboro) and Henry Hudson bridges between 6 AM and midnight. If a car doesn't have 3 or more passengers, Bloomberg threatens that you will be ticketed, mocked by the law-abiding, and turned away.
* Some bus lanes may be instituted for subway-replacement service.
Hugh Carey (Brooklyn-Battery), Holland, and Queens Midtown tunnels still closed.


* Operations have resumed at JFK and Newark but not yet at full capacity. A lot of planes were stored around the country and need to be returned, and not all staff can get to work.
* Will be possible to take train to AirTrain to/from JFK tomorrow. With Holland Tunnel closed and NJ Transit down, leave a lot of time if you're going to Newark and expect to pay a lot for a car.
* LaGuardia is closed, runways were majorly flooded and they need to inspect navigational equipment for damage.

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I'll be here and live-posting!
Today the Big Tent sets up in New York City, hosting a discussion on how the Internet is impacting culture and creativity. We'll be looking at how artists, musicians and filmmakers are using the Internet to find new audiences, create new works of art and express themselves. And we'll be discussing the challenges the Internet creates.

We'll be posting photos and updates from  #BigTentNYC  throughout the day from our speakers including +Eric Schmidt, +bill werde, +David Drummond, +Google Art Project's Amit Sood, and +Live Nation's Michael Rapino among others. And all of the sessions will go up on our YouTube channel soon.

Check out the Variety preview piece for more information on the event.

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This is one of the coolest yet little known launches at Google this year. And now it's so useful for politics!
Political polling with Google Consumer Surveys

Did you know that you can run your own surveys, for little money and in just a few days, using Google Consumer Surveys? As a demonstration of the richness of polling data that our platform affords, today we're rolling out the Google Consumer Surveys Election Center ( This statistically significant, nationwide poll covers a wide range of topics, from the conventions to presidential candidates to issues. The data can be sliced and diced by geography, gender, age, income, and even urban density.

Google Consumer Survey insights come from people browsing the web who come across microsurveys where they answer a question or two to get access to high-quality online content. The company running the survey pays Google on a per-question-answered basis, and we share some of that money with the publisher hosting the survey. It's a great alternative to a paywall. Learn more at

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Check out our new +Big Tent page, a forum for discussion of issues at the intersection of the Internet, society, and the economy!
As we look forward to #BigTentNYC, we want to discuss the sometimes tricky issue around what makes for legitimate copying. When is it OK for an artist to remix, and what separates a remix from a ripoff? Share your views below.

And, for some insight, check out this provocative video series by filmmaker +KirbyFerguson called “Everything is a Remix.”

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