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Sleepy Baby App. Android + iOS. Windows Phone 7 coming soon.
Sleepy Baby App. Android + iOS. Windows Phone 7 coming soon.

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Potty Baby for Android has been redesigned .. now support multiple children too.

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We have a new free Android app ... Toddler Games.

Want to request a new feature for our apps? Here's a quick way to ask for one.

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New updates live for Sleepy Sounds.

iOS: Now available on iPad.
Android: To celebrate the release of the amazing Nexus 7, Sleepy Sounds is now optimized for Android tablets :-) You can also change the colors inside the animation.

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Potty Baby for Android updated to v2.2. Adds pause functionality and help screen. 

#windowsphone7   #wp7  
An update has been sent to Microsoft for Sleepy Sounds. The update changes the name from "Sleepy Baby" to "Sleepy Sounds" for legal reasons, and allows the app to run when the phone is locked. Should be available in the next week

Updated Sleepy Sounds app (Google Play, Amazon AppStore / Apple Appstore) have been pushed out now. Apple and Amazon will take about a week to approve. Features native translations for German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Hebrew

We are having to change our Sleepy Baby app's name due to legal reasons. Sleepy Baby will soon become "Sleepy Sounds", updates to Android, Amazon and iPhone will be out very soon

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v3.0 of the Android app has just been pushed to the Google Play Store. This is a big update for the Android version please let us know what you think.

Here's how it looks now :-)
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