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Thoughts on Photography
I'm keeping plenty busy with the Seattle Parks project. Since July, I've photographed 67 parks, so I'm moving right along. I'm trying to be done with the principal photography by Halloween, which is certainly a reachable goal. Of course that's not the hard ...

And a shout out to the rest of my Kickstarter helpers:

Pamela Hobart Carter
John Murphy
Kevin Malin
Michael Lukins
Roxana Arama
Tamiko Nimura
Anne Motl
Sable Jak
Julie Carter
Brent Trela
Lauri Watkins
Richard Houser
Mark Meldola
Christine Shaw White
Charly McCreary
Patricia Boiko
Jill Gatlin
Paul Budraitis
Jim Z Hook
Linda Lombardi
John Bradshaw
Dave Clapper
Drew Edwards
Erin Bryn Fetridge
Rachel Belfield
Lisa Moffeit
J.D. Lloyd
Tom Mohrman
Corey Koenig
Danielle Villegas
Laura Greenamyer
Clifford Meyer
Rosemary Caperton
LeAna Alvarado-Smith
Jennifer Mayton
Maia Anderson
Gregory Heller
Matt Bolen
Truman Buffett
Yonnas T Getahun
Peggy Gannon
Levi Rippy
Sachie MIkawa
Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom
Emily Ralston
Jeff Merriman-Cohen
D'Arcy Harrison
James Whetzel
Nick Stokes
David Mills
J. Frederick Loucks-Schultz
Melissa Fenwick
Craig A. Bradshaw
Evan Flory-Barnes
Phillip Nelson
John Schlosser
Miles Crumley
Jason Doctor
Wes Andrews
The Mysterious B
Cynthia Adams

You all rock. <3

My Kickstarter project has reached its goal. I owe a bunch of folks a great appreciation for making this possible.

E-special e-thanks to the pioneers:

Daniel Tarker
Tom Fraser
Lola Peters
Annette Toutonghi
Karin Stevens
Joe Iano
Mark Lewin
Susan Larrance & Roberto Alvarez
David Penn
Sarah Milici
Marley Shurtleff
Zhenya, Joseph & Catherine Lavy
Lisa Glomb
Maria Glanz
April McMorris
Kristen Schuck
Craig Smith
Leslie Law
Roy Arauz
Nicole Stellner
Deniz Demir
Michael Maini
AJ Epstein
Gary Pomeroyq
Pearl Klein
Marcia Delanty
Meghan Arnette

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75% goal! I've only $1,000 to go on my Kickstarter. Check it out, and help me fund this Creative Commons-licensed project to get real images of Seattle's parks to everyone.

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My project to photograph every park in Seattle has been going on for four years. Now it's ready for Kickstarter. So, yeah.

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More from 1448.

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What your Seattle Star staff are doing right now.

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My new online magazine of news, culture, arts, fashion, politics and everything else a decent Seattleite should know about is live. Enjoy it if you will.
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